Ukki (Ukki)
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    Hello. My name is Lina ! Nice to meet you.♡ (리나 = リナ = Lina) 코스프레를 하는것도 좋아하지만 보는것도 많이 좋아합니다 *uvu*♡ Blog. 1500팔로워 감사드립니다 8▽8)♡
  • France
    Hello,I'm a French cosplayer , I began cosplay in 2008. I Have do : Grell Sutcliff, Jiraya, Ivankov... If you want to add to me as friend on Facebook. Facebook page : I speak French, english and spanish. I do amateur video cosplay. Videos:
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    Hello! We're Leo and Ren! 2016 Conventions: Anime Detour, Animinneapolis, Indy Pop Con, MetaCon, Anime Fusion, DaishoCon Facebook: deviantArt: Youtube: Email:
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    Animexx: Facebook:
  • Canada
    My name is Julie, I'm a cosplayer from Montreal, Canada that started to cosplay in 2012.
  • Mexico
    Hello~! I am a Cosplayer from Mexico living in Canada. It's nice to meet you! Hola~! Soy un cosplayer Mexicano viviendo en Canada. Es un placer conocerlos! ❤REBORN ❤PSYCHO-PASS ❤Evangelion ❤Nitro+Chiral ❤弱虫ペダル ❤血界戦線 ❤GINTAMA [ENG/ESP] facebook: twitter/instagram: @Leaf_cos (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Italy
    Hi! I am an Italian girl who loves anime, manga, videogames, Japanese culture... and of course cosplay!! I enjoy making my costumes and I hope to improve in the future ^_^ deviantART: Facebook: Cure: AMPLE: Tumblr: Instagram:
  • Canada
  • Canada
    Hello~ I'm Nova; Canadian cosplayer that works too hard and sleeps too much! Feel free to email me at for anything! Instagram: PrinceShotaCosplay Facebook: Prince Shota Cosplay Let's be friends =^.^=
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    Exilys | 17 | Canada | Trash 😴 Like: Anime, Manga, Games, Cosplay and Food! 💕 In a complicated relationship with my closet~😏 Next con: Anime North😋 You can follow me on tumblr, facebook or Instagram! (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ Tumblr: Instagram: _exilys_ Facebook:
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    Heey~ (*^▽^*) I'm Sasu a cosplayer from Hungary~ Nice to meet you~ 。◕‿◕。 DA: FB: CURE: INSTAGRAM: BCY:
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    Check out my page and make sure to give it a like!
  • Canada
    Hey! I'm Aemi and I'm 14 and I'm a french canadian. I started the cosplay in 2013 and I want to continue for a long time!