Kelloggs (Kjell Aage Krogsrud)
  • United Kingdom
    Hello hello, names Spider, been cosplaying only since 2008. Preferred generas of interest are Comics, Movies and Video Games. Places to look for my of my costumes and whatever else: Also UK Cosplayers search for UK Cosplay on Facebook and join our growing community. -Spider
  • United Kingdom By day I work at a vets, at night... I'm a cat burglar.
  • Norway
    I love going hunting for fabrics that particular shade of purple, finding the best way of making that bit that stands up and curls around and seeing the costume slowly start to look right. I attend Desucon Norway every year and all the other Oslo based conventions, and have been to London Expo a few times. My goal for the future is to travel more conventions around Norway, Europe (and maybe the world) Facebook : Google+:
  • Norway
    I was introduced to cosplay back in 2007 and since then you have been able to find me at a number of conventions in Norway, Sweden and England, as well as organizing Banzaicon in Larvik, Norway. As a cosplayer I strive to get better in every aspect, from costumes and wigs to makeup and photography. And of course, having great amounts of fun doing it ^^ Deviantart: Facebook: