Aoi Fuyou (fuyouaoi)
  • Taiwan
    こんにちわ、私の名前はユミてす、日本語勉強中台湾人てす。_(:3 」∠ )_戦国無双、三國無双、文豪、殺戮の天使、DMC、FF XV、FF Type-0、刀剣乱舞、陰陽師は大好き┌(┌^o^)┐どうぞよろしくお願いします♥♥♥ ※中国語注意※ ——————————————————————— ☬『Mail』 ☬【個人帳號】袁羽盈(喵仔) ☬『Bilibili』!/index ☬【微博】@我只是一只容易发懒的猫 ☬【QQ群】149836015
  • Sid
    Viet Nam
    (=´∀`) ノ hi i'm Sid from Vietnam My favorite are cosplay, J-rock, manga, anime, music of vocaloid ..v..v. Hope you enjoy some cosplay pictures of me *smile*
  • Canada
    Hello~~~♡ This is Bánh Tiêu Cosplay. Yes, the Vietnamese hollow donut. I'm a cosplayer but I'll probably only be active during the summer due to real life commitments. (TAT) I am a part of many fandoms even though I'm pretty much non-existent. I have a Facebook page which is also called Bánh Tiêu Cosplay where I post my cosplay pictures and the occasional artwork. 【FB】 【Cosplay Amino】: Bánh Tiêu Cosplay
  • Thailand
    Hi. Everyone Nice to meet you
  • Taiwan
    My name is Dar Dar. I'm from Taiwan. Cosplay is my dominant interest . I like to share my cosplay with other people.
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
    ようこそ、ハートビートシティへ・・・美しき正統 ニューヒロイン、ニューヒーローお待ちしています 世界中の噂になれたら羨望の眼差しに触れたら良いね、嬉しいね・・・ 私が貴方に伝えたいのは夢、それも束の間の夢 セラムン、タイバニ、ディズニー、戦隊、ストリートファイターのアマチュア劇団やりたいです。その日の心境を綴った1曲と共にアストラルワンダーランドとイマジカルステージを楽しんでください ブログ Ameba アーカイブ ストⅡ合わせ びっくりぽん!なコスサミ動画
  • Viet Nam
    I'm a cosplayer from VietNam. I love anime-manga and cosplay very much <3 like I can not live without them <3 I still have many flaws Everyone please support me ~~~ <3 My facebook My Instagram: kumiya_freya Page :
  • Viet Nam
    Hello! Please call me Hac. I'm cosplayer and editor from Vietnam. Thank you for your support! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Askfm:
  • Germany
    こんいちは皆。私のプロフィールへようこそ. 私は リアネです。私はドイツのコスプレイヤーです. 내 페이지에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 내 이름은 리앤이다. 나는 독일 출신의 코스프레이다. My name is Leanne and I'm a cosplayer from east germany. Facebook: Deviantart: Youtube: Instagram:
  • United States
    (O-Kei) The Notorious Tekken, ResidentEvil, OnePiece, and DragonBallZ Fangirl
  • Uruguay
    We are a group of friends from Uruguay who loves Cosplay. Our alias : Masamune , Tuki , Shinrei, P-San and Otori You like our work? Support us! visit our page! Thanks!
  • Uruguay
    HI! my name is daniela ^^ I'm from Uruguay i had Enter the world of cosplay in 2012.doing my first cosplay: succubus character: the game "Vindictus" in the event Concomics Facebook: My cure: DA: Blog:
  • Thailand
    Hello✨,I'm Chain, cosplayer from Thailand. Twitter⭐️Chain_99 FB⭐️Chainti Nyetynine nice to meet you✨ Thank you for following and hope you enjoy with cosplay (งoิvoิ)ง
  • China
    Hello, I am Rudin, glad to meet you _(:з」∠)_ Weibo: @羅亭-混乱善良养成中 And my twitter: 羅亭 ルーディン @rudinty666
  • Taiwan