Rupert (Rupert)
United Kingdom
  • South Korea
    LSO(suho lee) 9/16 ☞ ♥ ☜ ♡♡[ONEPIECE]♡♡ [Pokemon] [Black Butler],[ONE PUNCH-MAN] [pop'n music] [戦国BASARA] [PERSONA4]
  • Malaysia
    Hi~ I'm still kind of new at cosplaying. Please don't laugh at me. I will continue to improve as I gain more experience with every cosplay P.S. Please leave me a message on facebook before sending me a friend request, Thank you! Facebook :
  • China
  • Japan
    Hello my name is Ichika. I am japanese cosplayer. I love VOCALOID and TOHOProject.(東方Project) Please get along well. Thank you. Cure COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE
  • Rue
    United States
    (黒 葉 るう 。。♥ USA & Mexico ♬I started making cosplay in 2010. I hope to make new friends around the world! ♬J'ai commencé à faire cosplay en 2010. J'espère faire de nouveaux amis dans le monde entier! ♬私は2010年にコスプレを作り始めた。 私は、世界中の新しい友達を作ることを望む!(✿╹◡╹) Facebook Page★ Blog★ Deviantart ★
  • Japan
    Hello,my name is BAYOKO. I live in JAPAN,and enjoy cosplay. I like animations and comic books since early childhood. Now I like making clothes and taking pictures,too. I'm looking forward to take exchange with cosplayers in foreign country. I'm not good at English so much,so I'm sorry if I use wrong English. cure:
  • Japan
    コスプレが大好きです。 よろしく! Official Page:
  • Thailand
  • Japan
    都内で好きな作品を自由気ままにコスしてます。 現在は、黒バス、ハイキュー、八犬伝にハマり中。 Archive: Cure:
  • Japan
    燈執魅です(`・ω・´)! 画像更新頑張りたいと思います Main:REBORN!&VOC@LOID(ミク) Archive:147615 Cure:237809 Cloud:5887 Mixi:36500546
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    ▶▶▶ My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars ▶▶▷ 1990. 11. 29 ▶▷▷ blood type ː AB
  • Thailand
    Hello~~~~ I'm mind from Thailand nice to meet you~~~ ><
  • Russia
    Hi everyone!^^ I'm in Instagram: I in DA: My Ask: My Tumblr:
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