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    Hi! I'm Jeffrey :) FB PAGE:
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    PERSONA/Fainal Fantersy/Unlight/Fate S/N.ZERO Kill La Kill/AKB0048/Evangelion/DANGAN RONPA 반갑습니다 잘부탁드려요! :) はじめましてよろしくお願いします~
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    Comienzo en el mundo del cosplay, me encanta hacerlos soy una pequeña cosplayer y poco a poco y con esfuerzo iré mejorando n_n
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    archive cure Twitter yunomaru2525 mixi 60311171
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    ▷ Korean cosplayer E-mail: blog:
  • United States
    I'm Emma, I'm 21 years old and I am 5'5. I started cosplaying two years ago because I recently found out about cosplaying and conventions. I'm known most for cosplaying Hell Girl(地獄少女), and Stocking Anarchy from PASWG. Facebook: Deviantart:
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    Im a big cosplay fan. Im here to follow my cosplay Idols, wich are quite a lot .-. Im also an amateur photographer, I like to imprive my skills by getting inspired on cosplay pics :)
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    Photo / Anime / Game / コスプレ ^w^♥♥♥♥ Blog -
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    hello! Korea cosplayer hanyong :) twitter