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  • Germany
    Hi OuO My Name is Marnie and I'm a cosplayer from Germany! I love it and My favorite Cosplaypartner is my Girlfriend >///w///< (Kuroshii) i´m only speak english and german OuO Thank you very much for visiting my site! OuO ♥ 【Cure】- 【Twitter】- 【Tumblr】-
  • Singapore
    [uploading in progress...] Hello! I go by tenjin on English sites and zessen ( 絶宣) on Japanese sites. English ok! 中文没问题! 日本語でちょっとだけですw (つω⊂* ) - female crossplayer since 2003 - active gamer - loves Guilty Gear series DeviantArt: tenjin-kai FB: please message me for it CosCure: 32591 Cos Archive: 356556
  • Canada
    Hiyah. I am AKUMA. I am a Canadian cosplayer that loves to fave a fun time and to derp.
  • Ely
    E子=Ely=小E ◆FB ◆MAIL ◆Instagram ◆CURE ◆Twitter ◆Weibo ◆半次元 ◆AMPLE
  • Canada
    Rulaxie hereeeee~ I'm a Chinese born Canadian (CBC, also Hong Kong-ese lol). Doing my best to motivate myself to post more cosplays, because I've been feeling too lazy to lol. I'm pretty bad with words, so please bear with me ^^" FB Page:
  • Taiwan
    Hello everyone ~ I am from Taiwan (not Thailand!) I have been cosplaying for 12 years. This is my Plurk & Blog Welcome everyone to play ~~
  • Canada
    Hello! I'm a cosplayer based in Canada. Please visit me in other places! ( ・∀・)ノ Cure No. 333954 Tumblr:
  • Canada
    Hi Hi~ nice too meet you all! I am a Taiwanese cosplayer living in Canada~ LET'S PARTY! XDD ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ visit me at other places~ Cure No.292594
  • Canada
    這裡是加拿大的凱爾 怪人模式通常運轉中 歡迎拍打餵食 以上 感謝閱覽(*´◒`*) Thanks for checking out my page. Mostly in derpy mode. Cosplay for life..!(●`ω´)ノ♡♥ 見に来てくれてありがとうございます! カナダに住んでる台湾人です。変人担当。 出来る限り手作りします~
  • Canada
    Derpy cosplayer from Canada, likes girl's clothes, singing, dancing and just performing in general. (is secretly a squirrel-puppy)
  • Canada
    Novice Filipino-Canadian Cosplayer. よろしくおねがいします!! FACEBOOK:
  • Canada
    Hello, I'm Kira I'm a Canadian Photographer based out of Vancouver British Columbia. 【Facebook】
  • Canada
    主に西カナダで活動していて腐ってるレイヤーです うたプリ(苺&パレス/カミュ押し)、戦国鍋(nbrn)が主食。最近審神者になりました。 台湾出身×バンクーバー在住×日本語勉強中 コス友が増えれば嬉しいです!よろしくーヽ(´ゝω・`*) Thank you for visiting my page! my name is Takoko, a cosplayer from Vancouver Canada♥ Yaoi fangirl, please be aware that some of the photo might contain yaoi content_(:з」∠)_ in deep love with utapri recently. let's be friends if you are too! 出沒在加拿大溫哥華的腐COSER一枚 最近拼命燃燒對歌王子的愛,莓組/王子伯爵/御曹司組大推,傲嬌伯爵本命 輕微コミュ障麻煩請大家主動戳戳XDrz ☆ Facebook: takokooo ☆ Plurk: takoko_oo
  • Canada
    初めまして~モモですー(゜▽゜) Cosplayer from Vancouver Canada www 主要在溫哥華活動^^~ 請多多指教m(_ _)m Free!持續中毒中www 最近刀劍落坑中XD~ Cure No.158787 FB
  • Canada
    Hello. I am a responsible student by day and a jack-of-all trades artist by night. I really enjoy cosplaying with my friends. I will keep on trying my best to improve! Thank you for visiting my page.
  • Canada
    I'm a cosplayer/musician from Vancouver, Canada. Pleased to meet you! Twitter: Jap.: @a_ageha2525 Eng./Kor.: @ageha_62