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石田 龍之介 (Ishida Ryunoske)
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  • Indonesia
    Hello minna san. My name's kika and i'm cosplayer from Indonesia. let's make a good relationship and be a friend. Yoroshiku ^_^ My facebook : My Twitter : My Deviantart : My Curecos : and you can ask me on : Thank you very much ^_^
  • South Korea
    Nickname. Haco name. leehun age. 16 gender. 女 e-mail : 잘부탁드려요 *^^*~ 팔로해주시면 사..사랑합니다 ♥
  • Indonesia
    I love everything about bleach, let's be friend ^_^
  • Germany
    My name is Shin or Lili~ I'm from Germany and started cosplay 2013 You can also find my cosplay here: FB: Tumblr:
  • Philippines
    Hi to all Cosplayer out there :) My real name is jarryd I'm a real tennis player here in our country Philippines Follow me also here in my Cosplay world tnx.
  • Singapore
    大家好 偶素MIko果果 年龄AGE:永远18 FOERVER 18 浮云啊·~ 腐龄 :每日增长!! 对可爱的东西完全没抵抗力 No reason, I like all cute stuffs. Pls add me on Facebook 请加我面子书: Enjoy your life today becoz yesterday had gone n tomorrow may never come^^ DA: Cure: 新浪部落格: 新浪微博:
  • Mexico
    Hello i´m Kiba No use Photoshop: p
  • Indonesia
    Hi Minna, Hajimemashite, Chendra here. First and foremost, welcome to my World Cosplay profile :) I'm an Indonesian Chinese, but currently studying at Malaysia thus I will be attending ACG events there and perhaps Singapore also. I'm a beginner in Cosplay, so please be nice to me. Yoroshiku Onegaiishimasu (bow 大家好,我是小承 欢迎来到我的 World Cosplay 哦 :) 本人是印尼华侨,但现在在大马读大学 所以基本上都只参加大马的 AGC 活动,有机会的话也会去新加坡 还有我是新手,还请大家多多指教 Yoroshiku Onegaiishimasu (鞠躬
  • Honduras
    Hello, my name is Lobo. I am a cosplayer of Honduras. I graduated in law, my second career study social sciences, and one of my wishes is to study a course in professional photography. I admire many cosplayers of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, so I also love the work of cosplayers in Asia, Europe and the United States, because their jobs are really great.
  • United States
    Hello! (´・ω・`) My name is Roo, I'm a 20 year old cosplayer from America. My most notable cosplay is that of Rukia Kuchiki from the series Bleach, although I also do many other cosplays that you see here! Youtube channel: Tumblr:
  • Japan
    I'll always love cosplay! I'm Japanese cosplayer."RINC" I like watching cosplayer's photoglaph of foreign countries. But you have to excuse my poor English. よろしくお願いします(*´ω`*)
  • sie
    Wellcome Follow me!! 歓迎降臨! Twitter:@Shie_N ★好きなものLove & Like ・男性声優Voice Actor ・うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Prince of song ・進撃の巨人Attack on Titan ・マギMagi ・DRAMAtical Murder ・VitaminZ ・咎狗の血TogaInu no Chi ・東京喰種Tokyoghoul ・STORM LOVER ・BL(Boys Love) etc... Thank U!
  • Azerbaijan
  • Philippines :) let's get to know each other :) happy cosplaying :)
  • Spain
    Hi I´m Alter-S, I´ve been doing cosplay for a couple of years and I try to improve my skills to the best :) Hallo, Ich bin Alter-S. Ich habe Cosplay für 3 Jahre gemacht, und Ich möchte meine Stufe jeden mal bessern. Alter-S(オルター エス)です、よろしくおねがいします。3年まえからコスプレをしました。 Greetings from Spain♪
  • Malaysia
    Hi, im momo cosplayer from malaysia. Started in 2009. Love digimon, yugioh, kamen rider, super sentai fan.. FB page: