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kiikii (kii)
  • Argentina
    Hello!!! I am Nekoko, but callme Ichi I´m from Argentina and i love the cosplay & anime :::Facebook::: :::DevianART::: ::::Twitter::::
  • Taiwan
    大家好,我是橘子 (* ̄▽ ̄)/‧★ 非常感謝給予愛心的大家//// 照片除了放這邊之外也會放佐藤家FB,歡迎來玩(づ′▽`)づ Plurk> 佐藤家FB>ST.Corporation
  • Taiwan
    嗨 (ゝ∀・)ノ這裡是麥特/Matt   &其他據點樓下請,請愛用湯不熱哇 bbb  TUMBLR: PLURK:bluebloommm CURE NO.280687
  • Brazil
  • Len
    My name is 漪蓮(Len) I'm a Cosplayer from Taiwan. I hope you will like my photos. Thanks. 我是漪蓮 居於台灣台北區的Cosplayer 感謝大家喜歡我的照片 也請多指教 LINK↓↓↓
  • Mexico
    hi, I hope my cosplays like them a lot, and can meet more cosplayers :D
  • Philippines
    Nicole Paril~ Cosplayer, propsmaker, photographer, blogger, nostalgic gamer and anime enthusiast. I hope to meet new cosplayers and become friends with them ^^ I make most of my props, If I think that I need help, I'll ask from my friends if they can help me since we can't always fly solo :DD Deviant Art: Blogspot: FB page: 12/8/12
  • Germany
    ☆Hayo (^-^)/☆ I'm since 2006 a Cosplayer. ☆ Favs. : Skip Beat, Final Fantasy, God Child, Ludwig Revolution, Vocaloid Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, K-ON, Love Hina, Goth, Speed Grapher, Witchblade, Gurren Lagann.
  • EKI
    Hi I'm from Taiwan. Nice to meet you! And... my English is very poor sorry !!!!!!! 看來我必須精進英文了...இдஇ 大家好我來自台灣,很高興可以認識你們! ________________________ yam blog→ plurk→ Facebook→
  • Ke
    cn:Ke科 SINA Weibo:
  • Japan
    Hello, I'm Usami:) I live in Malaysia from 2013. I'm Japanese. English is poor... Love Animation, Game, Drawing picture, and more... 閲覧ありがとうございます、兎沙巳と申します。 2013年よりマレーシア在住につきコスプレ活動を一時的に控えております。 他国語はほとんど話せません…(笑) アニメ・ゲーム・お絵かき等が大好きです(*^^*) Love♡ ・AMNESIA ・戦国BASARA(Sengoku BASARA) ・イナズマイレブン(INAZUMA eleven) ・ダンボール戦機(Little Battler eXperience) ・Disney ♪Twitter→kurage_usami follow me! ♪Cure→79707 ♪Archive→220031
  • Viet Nam
  • Canada
    Nice to meet you.(´・ω・`) Im "Fujiyoshi" form China. Now study in Canada. Photographer & Cosplayer Welcome to communicate with me :3 EVA/DGM/MAGI/HXH/GC/N+C/LD1/XXXHOLIC 【Cure】 【Deviantart】 【Weibo】 【Lofter】
  • Indonesia
    Hi! I'm cosplayer from Indonesia ^^ you can call me sansan,, im newbie in cosplay ^^ my FB account :
  • United Kingdom
    Hello! I'm Sir Egglington, also known as Crimson Gaara. My real name is Emilio but my friends call me Emil, Emi, and Eggy. I'm 22 and I'm from England, my hobbies include cosplay, photography, and gaming. I study Computing, soon Software Development for Games. I started cosplaying on July 11th 2008. deviantART: Facebook Page:
  • Taiwan
    ♥PERSONA一直線 ♥GOD EATER ♥ダンガンロンパ ♥VOCALOID FB: CURE 半次元 繪圖