Kafka (Brian Carol Menay)
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  • Chile
    Hi!:3 Watashi wa Nekky desu *-* and I love cosplay so muuuuuuch :'D ♥ Follow me in Twitter (?) or Facebook °w° https://www.facebook.com/clau.cosplay ♥ to know me :D
  • Germany
    A German cosplayer with a love of Japanese culture, which is in the process of learning the language and aims to live there. With cosplay I first came into contact in 2008 and since then it is an important part of my life ... Through this hobby I got to know many great people that I would have probably never found and are now an unthinkable support for me in many ways.
  • Kuu
    Hi everyone! I'm Kuu from Chile. I'm 18 cosplayer/crossplayer since 2009 I hope u enjoy the page ♥ (Devianart: ku-heartbeats.deviantart.com) (Instagram: instagram.com/kuuheartbeats ) (Fanpage: facebook.com/sinkoubacosplay)
  • Chile
    Hi my name is Neko-chan. Cosplayer from Chile. Please visit and like my facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/nekocos
  • Russia
    :3 http://glamforus.deviantart.com/ http://vk.com/glam_for_us
  • Brazil
    Hii o/ I am a cosplayer from Brazil.I hope you enjoy my cosplays. ^^ If you want to contact me for suggestions, tips feel free to talk. Kissus ;X Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nandaquirogacosplay
  • Ryu
    Hi! I'm Ryu, Graphic Designer, 22. Cosplay is a new world that anyone can be everything if you want to be. That is so AWESOME! and....That why I love cosplay. I still don't have much time to cosplay....because I'm a Graphic Design that have lots of works to do! OTL ;w; Anyway, I will try my best ><// -------------------------------------------- contact _______ [deviantArt] : http://lookplu8.deviantart.com/ [Facebook]: Ryuji Knox
  • Argentina
    Enjoy my worldcosplay! and thanks for see it! Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/pages/Agustina-Sol/482498998427380?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/BiohazardFemale?fref=ts
  • Chile
    Hello~♥ I Dalina, Daly for friends, a girl loves fashion, video games, Hello Kitty Pullip & Blythe, makeup and flan♥ Visit me~        _     . ,'´/ニ☆´ミ     ! ノノ)ハ ))     l (! ^ヮ゚ノリ     ノ⊂i`ー')つ     (,⌒ ハ__j       じlフ http://Athena-in-wonderland.blogspot.com <-personal blog http://AthenaAsamiyaFanclub.blogspot.com <-Athena web
  • Chile
    http://Beatjumper.blogspot.com http://marielbroflovski.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mariel.broflovski https://twitter.com/Beat_Jumper
  • Chile
    ♏y name is Javy, a girl from Temuco/Chile; I ♡ Cosplay since 2010, I think that it's so amazing and a very entertaining hobbie! ✶ DeviantArt: http://x--Cupcake.deviantart.com ✶ Tumblr: http://Sinful-entity.tumblr.com/
  • Chile
  • Chile
    Hello everybody! My name is Paula, but i prefer Pawah ಠ_ಠ. I'm a cosplayer from Castro, Chile. I like cosplay (Duh), Draw, play the keyboard/guitar/violin, and write romantic novels. I make my own cosplays since 2010, when I was 15 years old. So, i hope you like my cosplays! ●u●
  • Chile
    hola hablo español y ese es mi limite >.< bueno soy otaku recién me inicio en el tema de cosplay, así que espero no matar a ningún personaje :D. y bueno tengo mucho que aprender, así que cualquier duda,reclamo (los cuales respondo muy agresivamente XD),halago (me suben el ego :B), etc,etc,etc... lo recivo abierta y gratamente.