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    Hola humanoides lindos y feos, me llamo Patricio Ojeda (también me pueden llamar Patito o Le Pato's). Soy estudiante de Comunicación Audiovisual y Fotógrafo / Kameko Aficionado de la Quinta Región de Chile. Ojala que el contenido que suba aquí les sea de su agrado tanto como a mi me gusta capturar momentos en el mundo del cosplay... :D <3 Si están interesados, pueden seguirme también en: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/lepatosoficial Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/lepatos/
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    ☰☰☰ Banco de Imagens Cosplay ☰☰☰ Brazilian photographer group since 2013. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bancodeimagenscosplayBR Employees: Raphael Feitoza Aline Rocha Anderson Zyla Dani Santos Fernando Albuquerque Antony Evans Danilo Marroni
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    Hi guys, i'm Koharu, cosplayer since 2015 ✨. I like to make different cosplays because i like to make my favorites characters ^_^. I hope you like my work. Upcoming cosplay: ~ Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura🇯🇵 (white flame) for 49CJMC Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Koharu-Cosplay-%E5%B0%8F%E6%98%A5%E3%82%B3%E3%82%B9%E3%83%97%E3%83%AC-844148745697212
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    Twitter ID=@REDBEARD59 Skype ID=go100550 現在稼働コスは エウレカセブンより、ストナー。 DOGS-狗-より、ミハイ。 ブラック・ラグーンより、松崎銀次。 NARUTOより、猿飛アスマ、暁のトビ BLEACHより、黒崎一心 GANTZより、風 大左衛門などなど。 都内メインに若者に混じってホソボソやっております。合わせなど一緒に遊んで頂ける方は随時募集です。DOGSやGANTZとかの合わせなんかも、ゼヒやってみたいので、お誘い大歓迎(^0^)/ゼヒお待ちしてます。
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    Hi mi name is jose I am a photographer of cosplayers mi facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Darkkrak3n
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    Hi! My name is Javier, I'm 20, I'm a chilean cosplayer and I hope you like my work in this awesome hobby :D 【FACEBOOK】 www.facebook.com/javiercosplay 【INSTAGRAM】 https://instagram.com/akatsuki_javier/
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    Hola! soy Frida soy una novata en esto en el cosplay,creo que es un buen hobbie https://www.facebook.com/suiikasandiia.zaratetapia si quieren agregarme ahi les dejo mi facebook
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    Hello! I'm Daisy, chilean cosplayer c: I love cosplay as expression of love to my favourite characters and I hope to learn and grow as a cosplayer with every single one of them ♥ I'm also in: ♪ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PikaPikaCosplay ♪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SirenDaisy ♪ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisythesiren/ ♪ Tumblr: http://daisythesiren.tumblr.com/
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    Hi, I´m a cosplayer from Chile, Cosplaying since 2003, but I´ve been out of the track for a while, so you could say I´m semi retired as of now, so everything here is pretty dated, but I am working to make a comeback into cosplay. I hope to show some new work soon! Visit my new page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ikaricosplay/
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    hi people, i´m Ale and this is my art!!! i like the anime, manga, comics and videogame in especial aventure!!!! :)
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    IT'S-A ME, MARIO! Ciao, I'm an italian (1/6 russian) cosplayer since 2012 🍕 ✪Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/ItsaMeMario64 © Any using of the photography and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited.
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    24 years old | graduated from psychology | part-time cosplayer | self-taught photographer | pisces | magical girl I speak spanish and a little bit of english ;) INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/kaleidospheric TWITTER: http://twitter.com/kaleidospheric