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Hey! I see you've managed to cam across my account! I really just post my cosplays obviously and some of my upcoming cosplays are Miku Hatsune, Yuzuki Yukari, Ranka Lee and Homura Akemi.
^ that's my tumblr, even if you don't have on i have all my other links on there (youtube, blogspot, deviant art ECT.) :)
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  • 旭子
  • 世界レイナ
  • Rinko-chan
  • 大叔
  • 紫弦
  • Noir
  • LU
  • 예단
  • Mon❥小夢夢
  • 六 叁肆
  • ValdaValsha
  • 미라나린
  • Sayuri Lilia
  • Rinko-chan
  • 예단
  • Sayuri Lilia
  • dEEP-sPAcE-sIREnS