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Madcow515 (Aaron Parsons)
United Kingdom
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  • United States
    I am pretty new to the costuming thing. Made my first real build for this past Halloween. Being a big fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, I decided to make a Space Marine. It really isn't that good, but I plan on building a much better and more to scale suit for this coming year.
  • Malaysia
    The otaku, the passionate obsessive, the information age's embodiment of the connoisseur, more concerned with the accumulation of data than of objects, seems a natural crossover figure in today's interface of British and Japanese cultures. Understanding otaku -hood, I think, is one of the keys to understanding the culture of the web. There is something profoundly post-national about it, extra-geographic. By Otaku, For Everyone My website:
  • Spain
    Hello!! I'm a spanish cosplayer, nice to meet you! ^0^
  • United Kingdom
    My Name is Patrick "Starfish" Mahon, 26 years old, cosplayer from Kent. Have a few cosplays stretching between comics and one from tv and video games coming soon. Nickname's Starfish because of my first name and a running joke lol Give me a follow and if you want any more info feel free to ask :-)
  • United Kingdom
    Cosplays: Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends About me: 18 Midlands Know how to use pepakura, Fiberglass & Bondo (car body filler) Aim to cosplay as any long blonde haired character :D
  • United Kingdom
    I'm Jess and I like video games and anime and I'm a media student! I also have a Aperture Science Logo tattoo, hence the name! Cosplay Page:
  • United Kingdom
    Yo! My name is Tom Newton and I am a cosplayer from the North West UK! Facebook - YouTube -
  • Hong Kong
    -19 years old from Hong Kong Cosplayer Thanks for watched my composition And May the Force be with you always ! 來自香港的一名道具!學徒... 請大多多指教喔~ 喜歡自製道具及盔甲 和熱愛扮演外國電影人物角色!/
  • United Kingdom
    UK cosplayer, Started cosplaying from 16. Hope you like my pictures. Facebook cosplay page- Youtube Channel -
  • Brazil
    Olá, Meu nome é ricardo garcia Prazer em conhecê-lo! Hello, My name is ricardo garcia Nice to meet you! Hola, Mi nombre es ricardo garcia Encantado de conocerte! こんにちは、 私の名前はリカルド·ガルシアです はじめまして! 你好, 我的名字是里卡多·加西亞 很高興見到你!
  • Serbia
  • TKS
  • Mexico
    English: Hi, I´m AFK, I hope you like my cosplays are my fun Follow me and visit the proyect AFK: And don´t forget follow me on my DA: Español: Hola, Yo soy AFK, espero que te gusten mis cosplays que son mi diversión Sigueme y visita el Proyect AFK: Y no se te olvide visitar mi DA:
  • Japan
    I'm an organizer : “Cosquerade” is ran by Hiroshima Cosquerade Committee i am maximum age of the cosplayer in the world 62 years old Facebook Master Roshi Facebook Twitter 広島市の広島城・中工場・旧日本銀行などでコスプレイベントを開催しています コスカレード主催者の一人です
  • Tom
    United Kingdom
    Hey there! My name is Tom, I'm 20 and I have this condition where I'm really lazy. I have a few more cosplays in development so be on the lookout. Cheers (:
  • Mexico
    Hello :) I´m a mexican cosplayer. I love anime, manga and cosplay I like the idea of watching people from all around the world :D doing cosplay as a hobby, it´s just amaizing!! Deviantart: Cure: No. 323020 Thank you for watching!