Madcow515 (Aaron Parsons)
United Kingdom
  • Russia
    Cosplayer and сrafter from Russia. My contacts: My group:
  • United Kingdom
    Cosplayer, Cosplay Builder, Photographer, Digital Artist and escaped mental patient armed with a crayon !!! :D . From Scotland, go to a lot of meets and conventions with my son James, interested in Anime/Sci-Fi, Horror and videogames. Steadily honing my skills with all aspects and aiming to try and go for large Cosplayer group shoots Twitter @angriestangel FB : DeviantArt Http://
  • Jei
    United Kingdom
    Nice to meet you! I'm Jei :3 If you're looking to connect with me, you'll find me sipping cups of Hot Chocolate in most coffee shops, gazing up at the sky lost in my own world or bouncing around to DJ Max Technika, but if after all that you still can't find me, then try one of my pages below! ❤ ❤ ❤ Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:
  • United States
    I am pretty new to the costuming thing. Made my first real build for this past Halloween. Being a big fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, I decided to make a Space Marine. It really isn't that good, but I plan on building a much better and more to scale suit for this coming year.
  • Malaysia
    The otaku, the passionate obsessive, the information age's embodiment of the connoisseur, more concerned with the accumulation of data than of objects, seems a natural crossover figure in today's interface of British and Japanese cultures. Understanding otaku -hood, I think, is one of the keys to understanding the culture of the web. There is something profoundly post-national about it, extra-geographic. By Otaku, For Everyone My website:
  • Spain
    Hello!! I'm a spanish cosplayer, nice to meet you! ^0^
  • United Kingdom
    My Name is Patrick "Starfish" Mahon, 26 years old, cosplayer from Kent. Have a few cosplays stretching between comics and one from tv and video games coming soon. Nickname's Starfish because of my first name and a running joke lol Give me a follow and if you want any more info feel free to ask :-)
  • United Kingdom
    Cosplays: Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends About me: 18 Midlands Know how to use pepakura, Fiberglass & Bondo (car body filler) Aim to cosplay as any long blonde haired character :D
  • United Kingdom
    I'm Jess and I like video games and anime and I'm a media student! I also have a Aperture Science Logo tattoo, hence the name! Cosplay Page:
  • United Kingdom
    Yo! My name is Tom Newton and I am a cosplayer from the North West UK! Facebook - YouTube -
  • Hong Kong
    22years old from Hong Kong Cosplayer & Props Build Member of 501st Legion | Hong Kong Garrison Thanks for watched my composition *Star Wars Fans HERE! May the Force be with you!always ⋯
  • United Kingdom
    UK cosplayer, Started cosplaying from 16. Hope you like my pictures. Facebook cosplay page- Youtube Channel -
  • Brazil
    Olá, Meu nome é ricardo garcia Prazer em conhecê-lo! Hello, My name is ricardo garcia Nice to meet you! Hola, Mi nombre es ricardo garcia Encantado de conocerte! こんにちは、 私の名前はリカルド·ガルシアです はじめまして! 你好, 我的名字是里卡多·加西亞 很高興見到你!
  • Serbia
  • TKS
  • Mexico
    English: Hi, I´m AFK, I hope you like my cosplays are my fun Follow me and visit the proyect AFK: And don´t forget follow me on my DA: Español: Hola, Yo soy AFK, espero que te gusten mis cosplays que son mi diversión Sigueme y visita el Proyect AFK: Y no se te olvide visitar mi DA: