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Bia Venturini (Beatrix Venturini)
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  • Italy
    Heya >:D I'm an italian cosplayer. Since 2009 I cosplay. I've done a lot of cosplays, I prefer to make it by my own. Several are handmade, but others have some details bought. I hope you will enjoy my gallery. =w= Check out my profiles on DeviantArt: and here: 私はイタリアのコスプレイヤーです。 2009私はコスプレから。私はコスプレをたくさんやった、私は自分自身でそれらを作ることを好む。一部は手作りですが、私はいくつかの他の詳細を買いました。 私は、あなたが私のギャラリーを楽しむことを願っています。=w=
  • Brazil
    Não precisa mudar tudo imediatamente. Você deve progredir com calma. Mesmo que o processo seja lento, toda caminhada começa com o primeiro passo. O passo em direção ao futuro.
  • kei
    ARIA・まどマギメインでコスプレしてます。 本業はDOLLサイズのキャラドール衣装製作だったりします。 写真はbeacam氏担当 よろしくお願いします。 アーカイブ No. 343958 cure No. 309568 お知り合いの方大歓迎です。 ARIA & MADOKA MAGICA Maine, a costume. A main occupation is character doll costume making with the DOLL size. Mr. beacam takes of photography. Thank you. archive No. 343958. cure No. 309568 No reproduction or republication without written permission.
  • South Korea
    korean 16old mond re janijack blog_ naver. blog- Hello everyone\('u'\ nice meet you my name is janijack you can call me JJ or jani umm..Thank you for reading Bros!!!!(Fist Bump
  • South Korea
    Hi ~ (/ ^ ㅁ ^) /~~ blog : twitter : @riret_U
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Brazil
    hello! ●ω●  My name is Tody. I'm a brazilian cosplayer. Nice to meet you :} {Facebook} {Deviantart}
  • Germany
    Hii !! (◑‿◐) My name is Kenzo!! I'm a male cosplayer from Germany, who's always trying to get better and better. I love it to learn more and more about, how to create great costumes and how to present them to the public. If you want to talk to me or to give me feedback or tips, feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting my site!! I hope we will see us again!! ✌(◕‿-)✌
  • Sei
    Hello. My name is Sei! Cosplay team: ШК.А.F - - - - -
  • Italy
    Hi everyone, I'm Nattsun, nice to meet you! ★ I'm a cosplayer since 2011, and during these years I have continued to follow this special passion, trying to improve myself more and more, and learning a lot from each experience!~❤ I really LOVE cosplay and work on each new character, so I try to do my best every time! I hope you like my cosplay~ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ You can find me also here: Da ✦ Fb ✦
  • Indonesia
    Hi, i'm Naomi cosplayer from Indonesia i'm 15 years old ●*´∀`*●ノ i love Anime, Manga,Cosplay, J-Movie,Japanese Food,and Japanese Music. i hope you like my Cosplay and i hope you guys always support me. Facebook : Mail : Twitter : @cosernaomi ★ you can Follow me, and i follback you PS : i'm Fujoshi hard level >//<
  • South Korea
    hello! my nickname is mikowl(미퀄:D) nice to meet you!! This year was the first cosplay XD!! I'm friends with me on Twitter! はじめまして!今年初めてコスプレをすることになりました! Twitterのリプライ、フォローしてくださればフォローさせていただき:) 다들 안녕하세요 :D 올해 처음으로 코스프레를 하게 된 미퀄 입니다! 부족한거 투성이지만 앞으로 잘 부탁드려요😂! I Like it.. tenipuri/vocaloid/Umetaro Nozaki/anohana/ sound horizon/disney ghibli/sherlock/no.6/school girl/original/
  • South Korea
    비루한 사진 올리는 한국 중부권 코스어 랜덤입니다! 영어는 도저히 못하겠네요:9 Welcome follow!:)
  • Brazil
    Hi folks!! Welcome to my World cosplay!! take a look in my page on facebook! ;D
  • Costa Rica
    Cosplayer from Costa Rica ;D