Shae_ (Shae Underscore)
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    ♡love♡ TOS.TOA/イニD/ペルソナ3.4/ハリポタ/コードギアス/Spray作品/セーラームーン/GE2/おジャ魔女どれみ/あんスタ/とうらぶ
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    Hi, I'm Grégory-cosplay. I'm from France and I enjoy cosplaying since 5 ans I'm a otaku. I do all of my costumes and hope you will like them ! Facebook:
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    Yes. I like blue^^ My facebook page:
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    Chilean cosplayer~gamer~i love re And Haunting ground~paranormal things~evanescence~kpop 🌘⭐. So...welcome to my world cosplay ❤. Pages: ➡ ➡ ➡ 🌘My personal account🌒➡ (If u cant add me send me a message And i add u 😊)
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    Hola bienvenidos a mi humilde sitio donde podrás encontrar cosplay y cosas que me encantan hacer con mis amigos n_n Fanpage on Facebook
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    Hi, I'm Anders Nielsen. Cosplayer / photographer
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    Hello ^^ (i'm not cosplayer same if i love cosplay)
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    Hi i`m Harley I love to talk to people and hoping to make lots of friends So don`t hesitate to talk. ^_^
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    Hi, I am Rozelith, 23 and from France~ I started cosplaying in April 2014 with Jean Kirschtein from Shingeki no Kyojin so Im stil a beginner in this world! Since then I have done a bit more characters but I hope to do even more in the futur ! Twitter: @irlFrenchJean Rozelith Cosplay ( ) Rozelith Photography ( ) Instagram: Rozelith