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Dell (Alexei Drakanov)
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  • Russia
    One of the founders of the cosplay team SoreKage in Moscow. We are engaged in professional photography cosplay, cosplay video filming, haircut and styling of wigs, produce high quality cosplay costumes, cosplay organization of events in Russia. We do the best cosplay in Russia. We love their job:) Our video-cosplay Kadaj - Youtube ^^
  • China
    cos name :游离籽。made in china ,suzhou my english is not very good 2014主cos:剑侠情缘网络版三,仙剑奇侠传,秦时明月,魔笛magi,八犬传
  • Thailand
    Hello My name is Blackaomxxx ,I'm a Cosplayer from Thailand. どうぞよろしく おねがいします^^~(ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักกับคอสเพลย์เยอร์ทุกท่านคะ) <Facebook> <Photographer> <Twitter> <Instargram>BLACKNEKOYUME
  • Germany
    Hi there ~I'm Luna~20 years old~ I love Cosplay and taking photos and draw some miserable sketches...^^" Also I like japan. I would like to visit this countriesveryyy much (。’▽’。)♡ I don't know what else to say here. So, if u want leave me some comments on devinatart to become a better cosplayer °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ~Devinatart~ ~Twitter~ ~Youtube~
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~這裡是浅葉みぼ  皆さんこんにちわ!こちは浅葉みぼです! a hongkong cosplayer   ホンコンのCOSPLAYERです~ 希望你們喜歡我的cosplay照片  皆さんが私の写真を気に入ってほしいな~ 以後煩請多多關照  これからどうぞよろしくお願いいたします Plurk: Skype: kellylst994 Weibo: 涼粉---不可食用 Facebook fans page:
  • China
    \(^o^)/~这里是阿夜 主战》家庭教师ヒットマンREBORN!/HUNTERxHUNTER/ 蔷薇少女/VOCALOID
  • Fye
  • Thailand
    I'm Space Alien (°∀°)b TH Cosplayer,Cosplay Ambassador, WCS2007&2009 TH Representative. Love Cosplay&Sleep:) ★ 【Blog】: 【Cure】: 【TW】: 【FB】: 【DA】: 【WB】: 【IG】 ★ 【Youtube】:
  • Russia
    Start: 2011, 2013~ Hi, I russian cosplayer and lolita! Instagram★
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hello! I'm Kazuya (Reito) cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all :D facebook page >>
  • Japan
    my name is mochiko I'm Japanese Cosplayer. Let's get to know each other well♡♡ 登録してみました(*゚∀゚*) よろしくお願いします! ☆*:.。archive。.:*☆
  • fei
    【COS Yam album】 【攝影 Yam album】 活動停擺中
  • Thailand
  • Russia
    Hi there! Glad to see you on my page! I hope you'll enjoy my cosplay! :3 You can find me here And here
  • Germany
    LD1/K/Psycho-Pass/世界一初戀/テニスの王子様/ピングドラム 黑バス本命: 青火/青黃/綠高/紫赤 CURE✟ 194928 ALBUM/相簿✟ FACEBOOK✟ PLURK✟ WEIBO/微博✟