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YoRefa Kuryuu (YoRefa Kuryuu)
  • Canada
    ☆ Hi there ! I am a Canadian cosplayer and I just adore everything pink and cute ~ I specialise myself in cosplaying as dolls, lolis and princesses, since it's what suit my doll-like features the best. ☆ Some of my favorite animes are Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, Rozen Maiden, Go Sick, Yu Gi Oh! and Aikatsu. ☆ I hope to get along with you all ~ ♥ Facebook Page: ♥ DeviantART: xox Kitty Himee
  • Taiwan
    Welcome to Stityo's Cosplay World ♛ I am a Taiwanese cosplayer! ようこそ〜Stityo個人のWorld Cosplay :D World Cosplay ❥ Cure ❥ FanPage ❥ Instagram ❥ stityo
  • New Zealand
  • Chile
  • Spain
    Hi! Pleased to meet you! >w< I'm Kurumi Eiri, a spanish cosplayer since 2006 =3 I do comissions worldwide!!! Cosplay webpage!: Deviantart: Instagram: PUSSYCATS NORAH facebook page:
  • Philippines
    mAxEne is: -Baka Oujo -an otaku -a cosplayer -a fujoshi -a lazy bum -insane (periodic only) -an insomniac -a stalker? -a noob gamer -a sweet tooth -a dance sensei -an Oracle Think Tank cardfighter -an event volunteer Facebook: Worldcosplay: Twitter: @BakaOujo Cure: 357541 BakaOujo TwitCasting: LoveLive ID: Maxene 739149675 ArcheAge IGN: Maxene
  • Brazil
    I'm Bruna Andrade, but you can call me Nana, Pandora or even Pandora Nana. Brazilian, 19 years old , Advertising & Marketing student. In love with anime and games, love cosplaying and feel part of this spectacular universe. Welcome to my world! My page: My Facebook:
  • Norway
    Hi! I am TenshiTheBubble! I am a 18 year old girl from Norway and I've been cosplaying since late 2011, but have had several long breaks and got back into it early 2014 ^w^ I also have a facebook page:
  • Italy
    Hello everyone, my name is Artemis (Dan) and I'm an Italian cosplayer.~ 【INSTAGRAM】: 【FACEBOOK】:
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
    Hello, I'm a cosplayer from Indonesia. Please call me Luna. My Facebook pages Nice to meet you guys! I hope we can be friends /o/
  • Singapore
    Sabelle aka Belle, cosplayer from Singapore~ facebook: dA: e-mail:
  • Indonesia
    Hello all. My name is Weny from Indonesia. You can called me Yumi I like cosplay so much ^^ but in cosplay, i still keep my hijab to use ^^ If you want, you cant contact me in facebook: I'm very glad to meet you all XD
  • South Korea
    한국인 코스어 청월린 입니다! 잘부탁드려요♡ I am Korean cosplayer Cheon gwolrin! Well, I'm begging you ♡ 카스 nu0419 트위터 @snr0419 네이버블로그 snr99419
  • Russia
  • Singapore
    Cosplayer nickname: Rynx Country: Singapore Cosplayer since 2008. Do add me if you'd like to be friends!! :DD (I won't bite. >w<) Hope I can make more cosplay friends around the world and improve my skills for costuming. :D! Thanks for stopping by on my page. ^w^!