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New Zealand
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  • Malaysia
    Hello! my name is Ei and currently living in Malaysia :D weibo : ((new to weibo ^^ deviantart : curecos ID : Cure No. 340723 tumblr : world cos : > Eikarasu instagram : twitter : snapeee : eikarasu User ID:0000004954 Hope u all enjoy my photos! thanks :D
  • Hong Kong
    Hi there,I'm Machui,a cosplayer from Hong Kong .Love the games of Koei especially Daynasty Warriors series and enjoy watching Tim Burton's movies as well as BBC dramas. 大家好,我是超超★ ★長期港島人 ★長期出無双、電影、書籍的角色 ★叔叔LOVE,小麥肌卸姐LOVE,古裝LOVE ★衣服自製+濃妝派 ☆女性向→策瑜/亮瑜/惇操 ☆正常向→孔月vvv 【天空 Album】 【DeviantArt】 【噗浪Plurk】
  • Germany
    Hey I'm Johan, I'm from germany and I've started cosplaying 2 years ago! • Deviantart : • Twitter: • Animexx: • Tumblr:
  • Malaysia
    Hello!! I'm rikito @ 丽绮羽 DeviantArt: Facebook: Instagram: santaporing Blog: Email: Sankyu for viewing my page! <3 <3 <3 Most of the time I cosplay villains with a good backstory :P Or game characters~ or evil/crazy/manic little girls~ 好多cos都好烂需要进步,见谅了~ :33
  • Japan
    I'm japanese cosplayer :) ♡ D.gray-man/magi/TIGER&BUNNY/MGS/bio hazard/ASSASSIN`s CREED/prototype/Devil May Cry
  • Malaysia
    こんにちは, I'm Mitoki from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started cosplay since 2010, but still not good with a lot of things.... ehehe~ :P バイバイ~~ >3<
  • Thailand
    i am thai cosplayer i love Cosplay and Performance
  • Finland
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese cosplayer! I love Cosplay! I hope to make many friends here thanks for the visit ! I am fat.Therefore,costumeplay is carried out taking advantage of the form. I am doing costume play for 30 years. I sometimes say, "I am a cosplayer from from [ before you are born ]." 日本の片田舎でこっそりレイヤーしてます。 基本は体型でコス可能なネタキャラメインで活動しております ■ARCHIVE: ■cure: ■twitter:@sumashisan
  • Argentina
    Hello!!! I´m cosplayer from ARGENTINA! I make my cosplays and thank you for visit ..I´m JOJO´S Bizarre Adventure Fan, Rurouni Kenshin Fan, Gackt Fan , Desing and Theatre Fan , I like anime and manga, Love watch Fantasy Movies and EAT Cheescake!!! Check my Facebook page More photos and about me: Twitter : INSTAGRAM: Ryuuzaki Kamui Hope you like!
  • New Zealand
    Hello there~ A cosplayer from the tiny cozy country of NZ. I've been cosplaying since 2006 and am a computer graphic design graduate, currently doing photography. Facebook: Tumblr: Photography:
  • New Zealand
    ニュージーランドからのコズプレイヤーです。好きなものはコズプレ作り、アニメ、仮面ライダー、漫画、音楽と化学「大学」。英語と日本語も喋りますのでよろしくお願いします。 Hi I'm a cosplayer from New Zealand. I speak both English and Japanese fluently. I enjoy making cosplays, anime, Kamen Rider, manga, music & chemistry (major) It's nice to meet everyone. 「DeviantArt」 「Curecos」 「Tumblr」
  • China
    我喜欢穿起COS服的那一刻,那时我会抛弃所有烦恼,只为能更好的表现出我喜欢的角色~ 不论别人怎么说,只要做好自己该做的就好
  • Malaysia
    im shen~~from malaysia~ facebook> cure> weibo> devianART>
  • Belarus
  • Japan
    Hi!I'm japanese cosplyer. I loves games! ZELDA/RESIDENT EVIL/ FINAL FANTASY /Cave Story/ and more… Have fun at cosply!:) ゲーム中心に活動中♪ マイナー所ばかりですがいつかメジャーになることを夢見て!