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    大家好,我是居住在台灣的Cosplayer,我叫做『離豚』,正努力學習日文,可是對日文還是很不熟悉,還請各位多多指教。 みなさん、こんにちは私は台湾のCosplayerに住んでいます、私の名前『離豚』です、日本語を学習しようとしている、に精通していないが、これからもよろしくお願いします。 Facebook: Twitter:
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    ♥ ~ ようこそ // Welcome!\(*^▽^*)/ ~ ♥ We are.... Couple Cosplayers since 2012 | Geek | Kawaii (Cute) ethusiast. (◕‿◕✿) ~ ♥ Want to know more about us? Facebook (Page): • Dwight Facebook: Twitter: • Katrinne Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: kusupureiii.kat (cosplay) / inorichan014 (personal)
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    The biggest fan of all kind of Sailor Moon cosplays. Please visit
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    Hellow.... salam kenal dari saya Emiru Kiou.... I m Cosplayer from Bandung, Indonesia Cosplayer since 2007 Bagiku...Cosplay itu Seni... (Cosplay is Art) Seni berkostum dan seni berperan...
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    I'm Chingu Jea Thai cosplayer thank you and nice to meet you <3 <3 <3 FB : Chingu Jae IG : chingujae
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    Hi My name is Tom Bayking but You can also call me Fumi Azuya i love to cosplay female characters and sometimes also male characters too i love watching anime and portraying them my fave char of all time was Hatsune MIku thanks and that's all. . . :)
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    hk cosplayer cn:yuzuki facebook page : weibo : Yuzuki柚姬Y
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    Hii, I'm a Dutch cosplayer, who recently moved to Japan. I really enjoy making cosplays and I hope I can meet more people who like cosplay :D オランダ人なんですけど、近頃日本に住むことになりました。コスチュームを作るのは好きでコスプレが好きな人たくさん会いたい! Facebook: