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    I'm Thai cosplay photographer. Visit my fanpage here
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    An immortal loli that never graduated from the 8th grade syndrome. "I regret nothing! Life is more colorful with games, manga and anime HUZZAH! :3"
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    Hi my nickname is Zakyrotz im a Cosplay Photographer but for now im Key Hatsune PHOTOgrapher, i want to know and learn from other various works of each photographer and cosplayers to continue to grow my skills and take better photos. Follow/Like -> <- I would appreciate a lot to visit her world cosplay profile and like our photos, thank you very much :D that will give us more encouragement to continue!! <3
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    ▽Link Twitter : Archive :
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    這裏是火火 香港coser 多多指教♥ww♥
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    Yo~ Beginner cosplayer from Australia here! Each of my cosplays are self made but hopefully I can get better at making them since I'm still rather average at it //Cosplay Partners: SEKARI - Zeriichan - //You can also find me at Tumblr - Facebook -
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    hello guys ! sora desu ! from indonesia! Yoroshikuuu \(>w<)/ sorry for my bad english orz ("-____-)