Makate Muke (Makate Muke)
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    ▷ Korean cosplayer E-mail: blog:
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    *Blog: *CURE: *Weebly:
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    Hong Kong
    Nice to meet you, I'm SMY :D!
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    Hi!I am FOX (銀狐) from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you & THANK YOU for your follow=] Cure: 299023 FB:
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    fb: Claudio ojos de shinigami
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    Hi im David a.k.a Takeshi cosplayer from Philippines :3 Cosplaying since 2011 .. ENJOY武
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    COS活動: 2000、2002→2009 2014請多多指教:D *三次元cos約50% Cure: Yam web album(only 2014):
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    Coser Form Shanghai ❤Sonico❤Sena❤ 微博: ヽ(*’-^*)。Kirakira
  • Sai
    Hong Kong
    HI;) I'm come from HongKong. Nice to meet you all///
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    LOVE cosplay & cosplay !!!!!!! (。◕ε ◕。) HOPE to make friends with any cosplayer!!! weibo: cure:
  • South Korea
    cosplayer/female From south korea. ☆twitter @cogus217
  • Taiwan
    這裡是藤堂緋 ((另一個稱號是緋吾 PLURK: FB專頁: 我還是個嫩嫩的新手 還請大家多多見諒ˊUˋ 作品裡可能會有BL向的東西((此人已腐 歡迎大家來FB或噗浪找我聊天 --------------------------------------------------------------- Hi!I'm 藤堂緋(Fujidon) from Taiwan. I'm still learning how to become a great coser. Wish you would like my works. Welcome to chat with me in FB((although my English isn't very well