Six (Erder Sikorsky)
United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom
    Hi, i'm Ammie, i'm a 17 year old cosplayer from England and i have been cosplaying for about 3 years, i'm still pretty bad at it though haha, but i'm slowly getting better~
  • United Kingdom
    I'm a cosplayer / photographer from London! Expect to see cosplay and even more cosplay photography on here!!
  • United Kingdom
    Hello, i'm Linali and I'm a UK cosplayer I'm also Poprince COS on Facebook, if youd check out my page that'd be great!
  • Ewa
  • Mexico
    Español Hola, que tal ? ^^ Mi nombre es Osvaldo, soy de mexico Espero que les gusten mis cosplays, Saludos :D Mi Facebook (: English Hi, how are you? ^^ My name is Osvaldo, I'm from mexico I hope you like my cosplay´s, Cheers: D My Fan Page (:
  • Japan Cosplay from Osaka JAPAN.
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
    I hope you'll love my works!:) You can also see my pages here: Youtube - Facebook - Instagram - BCY - VK -
  • United Kingdom
    Hello ヾ(^∇^) I'm Talia, I'm 17 from the United Kingdom. > Cosplay > Musical Inspiration > Punk Rocker (-ェ・)ミ > Comic Books > Movies > Sleep ( zzzzz o0 ) I don't bite, I'm kind yepyep! ヾ(´・ω・`)
  • United Kingdom
    Nee~ I like cosplay! I'll oneday upload stuff on to the internet, I'm just terrible as it is ;w;
  • Brazil
    Hello! I 'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm a designer living and working doing cosplay ^^ I hope you enjoy my work =) DeviantART -> Facebook Page ->
  • United Kingdom
    こんにちは、私はイデレラです。 I'm Idrela, British cosplayer since 2006/7. I hope to become no. 1 in the UK ヽ(^。^)ノ 私は好き: 風の谷のナウシカ、 スタジオジブ リ、 デュラララ!!、 ヴィジュアル系、ビデオゲーム、 うたの☆プリンスさ まっ♪、GACKT、 黒子のバスケ I like: Nausicaä, Studio Ghibli, Durarara!!, visual kei, video games, Uta no Prince-sama, GACKT, Kuroko's Basketball, comics, anime Facebook: Twitter: DeviantArt: 有難うございます Thank you.