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  • Germany
    So hey there you sweet and cute adorable human beings :) I am a.... human... who cosplays. Well I have no actually Idea how you can call me so... well .... I do not think someone is interested in that ^^" so I just hope you like my Cosplays
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    follow me ^_^
  • Italy
    Hi! I am Alessandro, I'm Italian and I do cosplay for some years to have fun with all the people who have the same passion and first of all with my gf Erika. I hope to continue for many years until I'll have the time and inclination, and I hope you enjoy our little work :) bye :) ----> FB :
  • Germany
    Hey I´m Eve and a 24 Year old german Cosplayer. I started to cosplay at July 2010 and I still love it. It´s not only an hobby it´s still a passion! I'm looking forward to getting to know people that share my passion from around the world. I work as a Photographer and Artdesigner and love to take pictures of such beautiful things. Check also our Fanpage on Facebook out <3 : Devianart:
  • Germany
    Hey~ I´m Michaela and a 25 years old Cosplayer from Germany. Nice to meet you all~♥ Visit me on Facebook: Tumblr: