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    Hi I'm Kim.Enter my Avant-garde world of Alt-goth, cosplay & cosmaking.Thanks for visiting my humble page. <3 Much love!~ FB: DA: CURE:Cure No.294845 TUMBLR: Nice to meet you! <3<3<3
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    Hello I'm a cosplayer I'm 14 years old I love to draw anime and true peoples I can play any instruments I love all those art related stuffs I'm doing some cosplay pictures with a character mix My facebook page please like and please watch me if you have a deviantart account
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    Heya! My name is YellowNerd. I am a cosplayer from the Philippines, I am 20 years old. Nice to meet you!
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    + Hallo !!! This is Amaya !!! You are now entering DEH RED ZONE! + bahahahaha! Im Amaya Ryuuu Akimoto! Cosplayer and Aspiring photographer! E-eerr...yeah I still need to work on that. My mark is the Rain Dragon Project, which is kinda lame xDD I currently just post Prussia cosplays from Hetalia basically coz its all i cna do for now. Err.. Feel free too Add me or see my awesome works at : <3 I'll look forward to eeet!
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    Hey~ I´m Michaela and a 25 years old Cosplayer from Germany. Nice to meet you all~♥ Visit me on Facebook: Tumblr:
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    Hello ♥ I really love cosplay and make my own accessories. Hope you like what i've done so far. >o< My favorite animes are: Hakuouki, Macross F, Uta no Prince Sama, Kin'iro no Corda, Saiunkoku Monogatari and X 1999.
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    Hi! Soy Yuni, soy Chilena y me dedico al cosplay desde el 2009; Disfruto mucho hacer cosplay, conocer gente y caracterizar a los personajes que mas me gustan de anime y videojuegos, sobretodo cuando lo hago con mis amigos, mi novio y mi hermano Rayfon :3 Espero les gusten mis proyectos!
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    APHと銀魂とハチPとまどマギとハチpのことで頭がいっぱいです。90%がAPHです。 おそ松さんに夢中。 仲良くして下さい=ワ= Favorite:Hetalia Axis Powers,Gintama,madoka magika,Osomatsusan -------------------------- *Cure:239471 *コスプレイヤーズアーカイブ:139960 *コスタイプ:36070 *ブログ:
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