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Jo Jenkins (Jo)
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  • KOU
  • Taiwan
    歡迎參觀我的主頁^^,我是五月,是個台灣COSER 出的角色都偏冷門,希望大家會喜歡我的COS!
  • Russia
    Hi everyone! I`m Erza. Hope you`ll enjoy my cosplay works ^__^ You can follow me on Deviant, Facebook and VK.
  • Armenia
  • China
  • Russia
  • Panama
    Hello (≧∇≦)/ I'm Nagato Yuu, a panamanian cosplayer. I've 15 years old. I make Cosplay since 2010. My first Cosplay was Gumi Megpoid. Hola (^∇^)/ Soy Nagato Yuu, cosplayer panameña. Tengo 15 años. Hago Cosplay desde 2010. Mi primer Cosplay fue de Gumi Megpoid.
  • Australia
    hello!! my name is brie, I am 15 years old and i live in brisbane, Australia ٩( *˙0˙*)۶ Im new to cosplaying but I am beginning to really really love it so I hope you'll be able to like my cosplays!! (ෆ`꒳´ෆ) planned cosplays; nanami momozono - kamisama hajimemashita nowi - fire emblem; awakening chiyo sakura - gekkan shojo nozaki kun ryuko matoi - kill la kill punk marceline - adventure time
  • Liechtenstein
  • China
    Love life.Love anime.Love cosplay
  • South Korea
    Hello~ My name is Yeon haw! Nice to meet you:D 안녕하세요~ 15살 대한민국 서식중인 남부권코스어 연화라고 합니다! 잘부탁드려요ㅎㅎ こんにちは, 私は Yeon haw と呼ばれます〜 はじめまして! よろしくお願いしますXD~
  • Thailand
    สวัสดีจร้าเราชื่อ วิจจี้นะ ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักจร้า><~ แอดเฟดมาได้นะจ๊ะที่นี่เลย=w= ____________ Hi!!!? My name is vidji >.,< Nice to meet you. My facebook ____________ Watashi wa Vidji desu. ;A;~~~ Yoroshiku ne. ;w; Kore Facebook desu. ____________ soundcloud :
  • United States
  • France
    Hi ! I'm a 17 year old French cosplayer (I'm just a beginner ^^") Have a good time and please remember that no matter who you are, I love you ❤ May a pink unicorn make you happy forever ❤
  • Thailand
    Hello, everyone. I am Alice, a cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet u who visit my page. Hope you enjoy with my cosplay. (*[]*) please feel free if you wanna msg to me for asking,chatting or just saying "you like the same character that I do cosplay" That will make me so~~~~~` happy :3 Here below is my contact