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  • Indonesia
    Hello,I'm Morin I'm Cosplayer from Central Java (Semarang),Indonesia. I love cosplay,and dance. yoroshiku :D Cure No.369085 Email [ ]
  • Thailand
    เฮ้ ~ โย๊ะ !! ชื่อ พรีม นะ :)) อยู่ประเทศไทย ณ แดน กทม. จ๊าาาา ^O^// # Hay Ya!! My name is piipreammmmm ( ' ')// # I'm Cosplayer from Thailand ><~ - Speak Thai,English,Japanese # I smiled at everyone. # If you want to talk to me. Please follow me. こんにちは みなさんー 私は プリーム です よろしくね >w< [Hotmail] [facebook] [line] gauyjii [Skype]Preampun Butdeevong Thank you for follow me. bye bye see ya. ^O^
  • Germany
    Hajimemashite. ⊂(◉‿◉)つ Watashi wa Lisa. I'm a german cosplayer. 。◕‿‿◕。 Anime&Manga&Cosplay&Japan... daisuki! <3 \(*3*)/
  • Indonesia
    Hajimemashite ^^ Watashi wa Yuu desu, watashi wa Bogor-Indonesia sunde imasu ^^ I'm a newbie cosplayer from Indonesia ^^ My Facebook >>> Follow my Twitter >>> (@Teguh_Rivendel) You can also ask any question tome >>> Yoroshiku Onegaimasu ^^
  • Brazil
    Meu primeiro cosplay foi a Akane Tendo de Ranma 1/2 em 1999 a 2000, depois fiz cosplay da Androide nº 18 de DBZ, Sailor Venus de Sailor Moon, a Sango de Inuyasha, Shampoo de Ranma 1/2 em 2012, hoje em 2013 estou fazendo um novo cosplay a Sonia de Escorpião - Scorpion no Sonia do Anime Saint Seiya Omega em breve fotos.^^ My first cosplay was Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2. I'm making a new cosplay Scorpio no Sonia Anime Saint Seiya Omega ^^.
  • Chile
    hola soy vanessa me encanta el cosplay darle vida al traje, me encanta tener amigos , me facina el anime Thanks for visiting my profile :D cosplay lineage II Gangnam Style La Serena chile cosplay athena
  • Taiwan
    永遠愛著小翔~ 希望大家會喜歡我cos的照片
  • Indonesia
    Hi.. im Hikaru, cosplayer from indonesia.. i always cosplaying tokusatsu, mostly kamen rider and super sentai :D facebook (temporary) : twitter : . : .
  • Indonesia
    Newbie Cosplayer From Indonesia >_< b
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
    Hello everyone :) My name is Yoshirou, you can call me yoshi. i'm cosplayer from Indonesia, still newbie, but i'll try to get better :D.i really crazy about game, anime, and music. Yoroshiku ^^ Facebook: Yoshirou Hitsugaya Twitter: @Yoshirou_Kouji Instagram: Yoshirou Hitsugaya
  • Indonesia
    Hi all~ I'm indonesian cosplayer ^^ right now i'm doing my big project together with my group " STARμ's" cosplay & dance cover of love live! school idol project from Indonesia~ Please support us~
  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia
    Hello Im Kazuki ! 19yo cosplayer from Jakarta , Indonesia im doing crossplay and cosplay as well Thanks for follow and support me ! ^^ Instagram : @kazukicosp Facebook : please insert credits if you wish to reupload my works thank you ~
  • Argentina
  • Indonesia
    Hello there ! >_< nice to meet you ^^ this is my link another website ~ if you wanna go chatting with me ~~ <3 Facebook : - Twitter : - let's be friends and talk together with me ~ >////<