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    Hi ! My name is Shin . I'm Thai Nice to meet you everyone You can see more photo at my FB page :
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    コスプレが大好きです。 よろしく! Official Page:
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    Facebook : Blog:
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    Cosplayer form Singapore. Born in China. 言语:英文、中文。 Language:English & Chinese 爱好:Cosplay、看书、无所事事、吃肉 Hobby:Cosplay, read, procrastinate,eat meat 诞生日:8.31 主要页面如下,Pls visit: DA FB
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    -天空相簿- -PLURK- -Facebook-
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    ‖It's me!Why don't you kill me?‖ 【新浪微博↓】 【】
  • Taiwan ↑(-ˊ oˋ-)/<是小耖的cos用專頁! 耖→唸做ㄔㄠˋ 不是ㄘㄠˋ喔:-)
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    相關連結→ Facebook Page✿ Blog✿ Plurk✿ Cure✿ E-mail✿
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    i'm just an ordinary cosplayer.. and i'm a beginner xD um .. i dun have spesific photographer.. so i just using my own camera or my picture when i'm attend an event :3 i hope someday i can be a great and famous cosplayer like Kaname , my fave cosplayer <3 x3
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    永遠的新手一隻((诶你 非常之廚(各位帥哥美女們快來搭訕我!!!((去死 請大家多多包涵喔((鞠躬 ♥"PLURK :
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    * 肉感少女 * NAME:ネネコ(NENEKO) Facebook Page: