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    Hello! Thinks that the end justifies the means. Is an oxygen hog, avid slipper wearer, procrastinator, boredom manager, cosplay enthusiast, sleep practitioner and public transport supported. I like chocolates, food, caramel bars, food and korira-kuma! Yay!d(^w^)b Let's dance and be friends! ごきげんようみんなさま! ユウと申します! 友達になりましょう! blog: DA: Facebook Page:
  • Thailand
    usakura *usa-usaku-sakura-sara-kura-*-555+
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    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you~~~ Check my other pages pls! ☆ site is under construction ☆ ☆ facebook page ☆ ☆ private fb page ☆ ☆ instagram ☆ ☆ deviantart ☆ ☆ twitter ☆ ☆ cure ☆ ☆ weibo ☆
  • Hong Kong
    ♥愛♥ LOL ♥衣裝自作派♥ ☆facebook★
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    Hello my name is Soujiro, u can call me Jiro~~~~ ^w^ もし もし わたし は そうじろ です。。 よろしく おねがいします。。 =) Jakarta, Indonesia~ April 11, 1994~ Facebook : Twitter :
  • Finland
    Hi! I have been cosplaying since 2007 and Im a certified makeup artist that loves to do different clown cosplays. I make every costume myself and my passion is to compete against other cosplayers. I was one of four Finnish representative's at NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship) on 2013 with my Mad Moxxi cosplay. Find me also at:
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    Face book Korea cos team cafe Twitter Blog
  • Mexico
    Hola!!! me llamo Caro y espero les gusten mis cosplays, aun sigo progresando Hello!my name is Caro and I hope you like my cosplays, I'm still progressing ñaña <3
  • New Zealand
    Hello, my name is Lennon, I am half of the New Zealand cosplaying duo Rose & Blossom. I have been cosplaying since 2007. You can find more of Rose & Blossom's cosplays over here:
  • New Zealand
    hey (: i've been cosplaying since 2005, down south here in new zealand. i'm a 21-year-old university student, currently doing a B.A. in mandarin chinese and japanese.
  • New Zealand
    ニュージーランドからのコズプレイヤーです。好きなものはコズプレ作り、アニメ、仮面ライダー、漫画、音楽と化学「大学」。英語と日本語も喋りますのでよろしくお願いします。 Hi I'm a cosplayer from New Zealand. I speak both English and Japanese fluently. I enjoy making cosplays, anime, Kamen Rider, manga, music & chemistry (major) It's nice to meet everyone. 「DeviantArt」 「Curecos」 「Tumblr」
  • New Zealand
    Hi~ I'm Shelby and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. This is my second year of more serious cosplaying, although I originally started four years ago~
  • Singapore
    hi everyone ^^ Sayuri here ^^ I am from Indonesia but, I live in singapore <3 I started cosplaying on august 2011 ^^ My favorite food is sweet ^^ I hope I can improve and learn from you guys ^^ Follow me on my page and social media FB : Love <3
  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand
    Hello! I'm Tails, a cosplayer living in New Zealand. Sadly it seems I have neglected this account for a few years now, whoops! Updating it would take forever so please can you find me on my facebook or dA instead :)