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    始めまして、皆さん。 トイツのコスブレ人でーす。 Feel free to add me :D [CureCos] http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=207055 [WeiBo] http://www.weibo.com/2849861135/profile?topnav=1&wvr=3.6 [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/HaganenoOokami [Twitter] https://twitter.com/HaganenoOokami [LayerCloud] http://layercloud.net/users/detail/30810 [DeviantArt] http://haganenoconan.deviantart.com/ 僕のページを見てください。よろしくお願いします!(*≧∇≦*)
  • France
    Hey guys ^^, so my name's Audrey and I started cosplaying 3 years ago. My activities and other spare-times are sports, drawing, hanging out, music (all kind), sewing, dancing, watching movies/disneys/animate, video games, fashion. my art blog: http://sweetvenom94.deviantart.com/gallery/ I think I'm better at drawing than in cosplay, even if I have the impression to spend equal times at these two fun activities!
  • France
    hi =) french cosplayer since 2011. i like cosplaying mostly from video games (LoL, FF, etc..) and music (kpop, vocaloid...) the most ! you can follow my work there as well : Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/LenneCosplay Twitter : http://twitter.com/LenneMoon Ask : http://ask.fm/LenneMoon DeviantART.com : http://lennemoon.deviantart.com/ hope you'll like my costumes !
  • Germany
    Hello, I'm Yama ♫ ♬♪♩♭♪ I love to cosplay, drawing, anime/manga, music/orchestra video games and so on~ cosplaying since ~2006. I think of Cosplay as a wonderful, creative and funny Hobby :) I Love browsing through other Favorites here lol 日本語少し分かります。どうぞよろしく! For more small-talk you can always contact me on my other pages: deviantART ✿ http://yamane.deviantart.com/ Facebook ✿ https://www.facebook.com/YamaneCosplay