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Youkai Yuurei
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  • France
    Young photographer, working only on Sundays, I've got no talent at all, but despite of that some people like my pics. Any help to understand why ?!!! ><
  • France
    Hi ! I am a french cosplayer !! I make of the cosplay since the beginning of 2011. I am a beginner.
  • United States
    If you have any questions let me know. I'm a very friendly person and love cosplay.
  • Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom
    Hi, I'm Jasmine. I'm a photography student from the UK and I love cosplay artists. A dream for me is to become one I guess too poor at the moment to though but I enjoy watching others cosplay it's basically the best thing ever!!! Anime freak and I love heavy metal, rock and k-pop. Cats are freaking adorable and I drink a lot of tea, ironically. Aspiring animator, forensic photographer I have no idea but something related to art.
  • France
    Hi! My name is Marie and I'm a french cosplayer (*´・v・) I'm trying to be a prop maker and have a lot of fun while cosplaying ♫
  • Japan
    自由気ままにコスプレしてます いろんな方の写真をみて日々勉強しております! Love:VOCALOID、進撃の巨人、黒執事etc... Archive:121075 Twitter:@Pyruvic_nico25
  • France
    Hi everyone ! I'm Candy, a French Cosplayer. I began cosplay in 2011. I'm not a pro.. but cosplay is a big part of my life. So.. I just wanna do what I love. Don't forget to look at my picture and Follow me maybe ? Thanks for your support.. Nice to meet you ♥ My Blog with my Best Friend, Kitchu : Take a look ! ♥
  • Brazil
    deviantart: riprovevole My completed cosplays are: Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Twilight Town Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Organization XIII Riku ( Kingdom Hearts ) Deep Dive Ciel Phantomhive ( Kuroshitsuji ) Chapter 45 Tobi ( Naruto ) Akatsuki cloak Death the Kid ( Soul Eater ) Marshall Lee ( Adventure Time) Yato ( Noragami) Kise Ryota ( Kuroko no Basket) Under construction Ventus ( Kingdom Hearts ) Gaara ( Naruto ) Kazekage
  • France
    Hello ~ ( > 3 < )/ I'm Kiro ! A french cosplayer. Thanks for visiting my profil ! You can send me a message ! For questions, or if you just want to talk with me. ( ^ 3 ^ ) ... And I'm a big fan of Princess Tutu ~ <--- My Facebook Page (Art)
  • France
    Hey~ I'm a young french cosplayer, and I'm in collaboration with Hinata Nara -let's go to see her- ! I hope you'll enjoy my work! ^-^ Facebook : Devian Art :
  • Colombia
    I love Anime Yuri¡¡¡¡¡
  • France
    Ankaane, 17 years-old, I'm French. I started just in cosplay but I already love this universe, I hope to continue to constantly improve myself. And to share this passion. ;)
  • France
    Hello , i'm a french cosplay since 2011. I hope you love my works. Love~
  • Réunion
    French female cosplayer from Reunion Island.