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結崎 (Yuzaki)
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  • Taiwan
    您好,我是來自台灣的逍茹,請多指教!^^ Hello,this Xiao Ru,I'm from Taiwan.I like animation &cosplay. Nice to meet you 私の名前逍茹 台湾からcosplayer はじめまして PLURK:
  • Viet Nam
  • Japan
    othelloですっ! そのうち本格的ににコスできたらいいなと思います!
  • yng
  • Philippines
    *just another noob who would endlessly stalk cosplayers. come, join me fangirl over them.
  • Thailand
    hi i am cosplayer thailand nice to meet you FB : Twitter :
  • Colombia
    Hi, my name is johan mateus but i better now as humanoid because of my different surgical implants to keep my life, I've been cosplayer since the 2008 and I will going on with all my heart For now enjoy the cosplays I've done at this time and the photos I have taken the most representative Colombian cosplayers soon more cosplays and more photos
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    嗨嗨這裡是小米//// 目前雖然還沒cos..... 但日後會辦喔!!!!! 好愛好愛好愛大家的cosplay///// 目前還是路人甲還請您們多多指教(鞠躬
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • China
    ❤Glad to have the same hobby with you❤ ins:m_yatera Sinaweibo: TW:
  • Philippines
    Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Judy desu. Born on 1996. A newbie cosplayer from the beautiful land of Philippines. A certified Otaku and loves everything that is KAWAII! <3 i've been interested in cosplaying since 2008 (well because im an otaku :3) but i just started cosplaying last year. I hope to be friends with everyone! HARTHART<3<3 Facebook: Twiiter:
  • Peru
  • Taiwan
    ㄤㄤ我是阿逆 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 初學 歡迎互相指教交流ˊˇˋ plurk★ FB★