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葉軒 (yu)
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  • United Kingdom
    hi im a cosplayer from London my favourite game is drakengard my favourite anime at this moment in time is magi the labyrinth of magic
  • France
    Hello , My name is Benjamin , i have 19 years old i'm French i love food and Music "With great power, comes great irresponsibility. " everyone can speak with me ^^
  • Indonesia
    ★Official Page : ★Steam : ★Ask Me in : ★Zeemi.TV : ★NicoNico : ★Twitch : ★Twitter: "YoRefa is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers. Help Each Other ^_^ is My Best Ways To Live.....
  • Taiwan
    日安,這邊是貓森 >D</ 感謝按愛心以及關注的人! 請多多指教,歡迎同好交流(´艸`) ***** 好きな作品 *****  靴 下 にゃ ん こ ♪ 弱虫ペダル / ヘタリア / Pandora Hearts 海底囚人 / Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts Ragnarok Online / ポケモン / UNLIGHT 刀剣乱舞 / 艦これ / 空の軌跡 / 東方Project ●Blog: ●Plurk: ●Facebook:
  • Taiwan
  • Belgium
    hi, welcome to my cosplay account. i'm a boy but i feel like and want to be a girl, therefore i will mostly upload crossplays here. feel free to add or contact me on fb :3 [FB cosplay page] [FB] have fun and see you, Nyan :3
  • Taiwan
    哇,大家好, 我是來自台灣的沂炘 ↓歡迎交流www Plurk:
  • Taiwan
    Hi - Hello everyone My name is KinoPie I come from New Taipei City in Taiwan Nice to meet everyone I hope you will like my photos Name: KinoPie Nickname: Kino Birthday: 12/3 Constellation: Sagittarius Blood Type: A Interests: games, COSPLAY, drawing, photography 嗨~大家好 我的名字叫 KinoPie 我來自台灣的新北市 很高興認識每個人 希望大家會喜歡我的照片 名字:KinoPie 暱稱:Kino 生日:12/3 星座:射手座 血型:A 興趣:遊戲,COS.,繪圖,攝影 plurk: yam-blog:
  • Malaysia
    Hello ^_^ Hello I'm cosplayer from malaysia and Now I'm live in indonesia I hope you like me and always support me ^_^ My official account ► Email : ► WC : ► Facebook : ► Deviantart : ► Blog :
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是阿邵,請多多指教!!!!! 同好交流非常歡迎喔! 初めまして、しょうと申します。台湾人です。 日本のアニメと漫画が大好きです! これからも頑張ります。よろしくお願いします。 My name is SHAO. I'm a Taiwan cosplayer since 2009. Nice to meet you !! Please feel free to talk with me :) The thanks appreciates!!! PLURK: FB:
  • Taiwan
    嗨嗨我叫灯井焰=) 感謝你來看我的照片~ Hi!I am Toui Kaen~ <Plurk> <Facebook> <Twitter>
  • Mexico
    hello my name is prycila on the cosplay world took two years 2010 and won awards in my clothes I am cheerful, fun, but once you appreciate someone I can be cute, loving, and very good friend. I like to show my feelings and I am very sensitive. mi page:
  • Taiwan
    大家好 我是藤太♥ 感謝關注唷♥♥♥ 同好歡迎交流●w● HI!My name is Yukiha. I'm Taiwan cosplayer. YAM♥ PLURK♥ LoveLive 中毒ΦωΦ
  • Taiwan
    Hi! =) 我是台灣的cosplayer 叫做阿毒 有機會希望可以多多交流,請多多指教 目前人在美國 II living in the OH I hope to meet cosplay friends. plurk: Facebook:
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Argentina
    Hi everyone! my name is Eze Lía, i´m a cosplayer from Argentina and i bring to you all my work, hope you enjoy it as much i enjoy doing it. If you like it don´t hesitated and go to my facebook and deviantart pages, you will make me very happy ♥♥♥