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小都 (dupeijienuo)
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  • Russia
    Hi! I'm LenaLee Love cosplay, anime and life ^__^ my profiles:
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    はじめまして、キクイチです。 同人活動しつつコスプレも楽しんでいます。 今年でコス歴は15年目ですが最近はあまり活動できてません( "・ω・゙) Hello! 初次见面! I'm Kikuichi. 我的名叫菊壱。 Please make the relationship good.請多々指教。 ☆ペンネームは「菊壱モンジ」 Pixiv→ Blog→ Plurk→ 東方Projectをメインに活動してます。 メイド喫茶“JAM AKIHABARA”の元フェアリー。
  • QW
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    My name is kodaka Nice to meet you 初めまして 色々な国の方々と仲良くなりたいと思ってます どうぞよろしくお願いします (^^)
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    Viet Nam
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  • sui
    Saudi Arabia
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    facebook World Cosplayers World Maid Cafe Tumblr
  • Kya
    Hi! I'm Kya, an Italian cosplayer since 2000 I hope to meet new people and maybe new friends! You can also find me here ^_^ DEVIANTART COSPLAY.COM
  • Viet Nam
    ◙ I'm just an ordinary boy who indulges in cosplay! Although I am not a cosplayer but I am a photographer and an editor as well!! (Just a newbie!!) :) ◙ Some of my cosplay's photos were collected from fan pages! I just want to share my favorite photos of cosplay to the world and I do not mean to make them for my own! My Facebook: My Pinterest:
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
    Hi I'm Camilla! I'm an italian cosplayer since 2013 ^U^ I like manga,anime, cosplay and drawing. I hope you'll like my cosplay! (^u^)/ DEVIANTART: FACEBOOK: