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    6 Singapore Cosplayers started in 30 May 2014. 6个来自花园城市的Cosplay爱好者! Yorue【夜君】,Haruko【妖君】, Angela【映炎】, Crimson【魅娘】, Hikaru【光星】,Maple 【溯世】, 你们好!我们是萌军团! Hi, We are M-Destiny! ✡Facebook【面簿】 ✡Weibo【微博】
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    Hi everyone ! I'm ISABI, from Vietnam :D Nice to meet you guys <3 Here's my FB: If you like my pics, please support me ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾ And have a nice day (*´∀`*)
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    I love YAOI! 😍💘😍
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    AXIA 夏虫不语冰 || NARUTO-ナルト-|| D eath Note || ONE PIECE || 常用邮箱: 新浪主页: @coser夏虫不语冰
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    Hi everyone! My name is THOUSAND 花千落(小落) Please follow me if you like my cosplay (^~^)! FB:
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    Hiiii! Hallo! Ciao! 25 years old italian cosplay here ~ ☆ I'm not as good as all of you, but I hope you'll enjoy my cosplay. Bye ~ ♡ はじめまして! キアラと申します~ 今日本に留学して、イタリアから来たコスレヤです(^_-)-☆  最近、秋葉原でバイトを始まっていたのに、あまり可愛い写真ができなかったので、ちょっと寂しいです。:(T-T): でも、新しいコスプレを決めました。楽しみします!(≧∇≦) よろしくね!
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    Hi everyone! My Name is Mercedes aka Loraila. I'm a cosplayer from Argentina, hope you enjoy my work as much as I do n.n. Also I have an Instagram and a Facebook page. Thank you very much! ♥♥♥♥