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    ~ Hello ❣ I'm Alessa! Cosplayer from Pelotas/RS (Brazil). Fan of games, anime, series and musicals. *Soprano; *Actress; *Ballet dancer ❥ Facebook page: ❥ Instagram: _dogaressa ❥ DeviantArt: AlessaHasashi
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    Hi ! I'm just a little noob in cosplay, but I try to do the best of myself ^^ I don't have really pictures to show so .. I'm just a viewer for the moment ^^ Where to find me : - Facebook :
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    한국에서 코스프레&소품제작을 하는 쿠로냥 입니다(영어로 kuronaang으로 써요) Called Kuronaang that cosplay in South Korea (한국에서 코스프레를 하는 쿠로냥이라고 합니다) props is made me ^^ (소품도 제가 만들어요) Do not speak English well (영어는 잘 못합니다) Japanese Hiragana and Katakana are possible (일본어는 히라가나와 가타카나가 가능합니다)
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    Hello ! I'm Lookia, a french cosplayer I love the cosplay and i will share my passion ^.^ Follow me on : Facebook : Youtube : Bye !
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    Hello! I am Anna. Welcome to my page! I am a cosplayer from Russia. I started cosplay since 2013. All costumes and doing craft itself. I like to travel and computer games :-P My page in VK - My page in Facebook -
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