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    I´m a Little Cosplayer who just want to send love and Motivation to anyone in the world! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ If you want to contact me or follower me at my other Social medias: ♡ Homepage: ♡ Facebook: NanaKuronomaSpacecowgirl ♡ Instagram: nana.kuronoma ♡ Twitter: nana_kuronoma ♡ Youtube: NanaKuronoma ♡ Mail: nana_kuronoma1@ If you want to Support me and my work: ♡ Patreon: ♡ Print Store:
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    Well i'm just a regular guy with a regular life who love to be the character that he like in his free time it's kinda like my passion in my free time hope you all enjoy my work. :3
  • Spain
    My name is Alejandra (a.k.a. Anhyra) and I'm an artist and cosplayer from A Coruña, a beautiful city in the northwest of Spain. I started cosplaying back in 2013! I love this form of art and I hope you enjoy my works and tutorials! Follow me at: · Facebook: · Twitter: · Instagram:
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    Hi, I am Hikari. My real name is Alex. I'm 20 y/o. My instagram is @yuikia, where you can follow more of my cosplays! You can also check my facebook fanpage at ! Thank you for visiting my page <3
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    Deviantart : Page Facebook : Instagram :
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    ☆4,10, with a 6,5 attitude☆ Alternative Mermaid☆ Professional Arashi fangirl, Sailor Moon junkie, Fujoshi and Disney Nerd☆
  • Aoi
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    Yosh Name:Hei zhou xin Age: 25 cosplay:2008 till Now live:petaling jaya Yo Darkhei but you can call me Hei....up to you all. i start cosplay in 2008 but stop 2 years come back at 2010. so far i have cosplay: ichigo,nura rikuo,anakin skywalker,jedi,sith,kylo ren and my OC Darkhei still have much to learn about cosplay and perform. i do love anime,DC,marvel and Dark horse. if you get to know me i m a funny weird guy XD. i m also a lightsaber performer we call our self FAST
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    Skype: venox114