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    りこにゃんですw どうぞよろしく(´・ω・`) 私のWCを見てくれてありがとう❤︎ 2011からコスを始めた >w< 私のコスプレを気に入ればうれしいよ! ❤︎ My name is Riko, Welcome to my profile and thanks for stopping by! I have been cosplaying for around 4 and a half years. I'd appreciate it if you like my photos >w< ❤︎ 這邊是莉子〜 請多多指教,並感謝你路過看我的cos >w< 我已有4年半cos歷, 希望你會喜歡我的照片 :3 ❤︎ IG: PIXIV: CP: ♡美術学生(イラスト) ♡P3/P4/セラムン/KLK ♡神崎蘭子担当している
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    Hi (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ I'm a girl with a passion for cosplay ( this was already understood (・_・; ) *smile*) and I like a lot of drawing, graphing and read ^^ In my free time I devote myself to this passion that I have for a few years, and I would like to bring forward ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ Unfortunately I have not a professional camera, or even a good photographer to me \(゜□゜)/ So I only have instant (#^-^#) I hope to improve ヾ( ´ー`)
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