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Sa Ka (Sa Ka)
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  • Malaysia
    Yo~ the name's Junior.. Just a lil cosplayer from Malaysia hoping to perfect my fav characters slowly and hopefully surely..
  • Taiwan
    >>進度 緩慢出角 >>遊戲坑為主 ●PLURK: ●Fans page:
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm Mikan from Thailand. I'm 21 years old. Nice to meet you >w< Thank for your subscribe ♥ ==================== Other Site: FB: Natcha Mikan Thongtaweekeit FB Page: Twitter: @bj_mikan
  • United States
  • Hong Kong
    这里是海凯. 来自香港的cosplayer^^ Here is Hoi from Hong Kong~ Nice to meet you all! FB: Plurk:
  • Chile
    Hi I´m Kuseka, a chilean cosplayer. I´ll be a physics teacher, I like metal music, disney movies and Tezuka stories <3. I wish that you enjoy my cosplays
  • Malaysia
    来自马来西亚的一位cosplay玩家/// Hello everyone ^^I'm Keiy ~ Cosplayer from malaysia ~Nice to meet you all ^w^ Vocaloid初音家族,Katekyo Hitman Reborn家庭教师,One Piece海贼王,Hunter X Hunter全职猎人 FB:Keiy Ng Blog: Weibo:
  • Brazil
    Hi my name is Nayara but you can call me Nina. I'm from Brazil. My cosplays: Luka Mergurine: Vocaloid Yuki Kuran: Vampire Knight Hanon Hosho: Mermaid Melody Maria Kurenai: Vampire Knight Kagome Higurashi: Inuyasha Ami Kawashima: Toradora Nanami Momozono: Kamisama Hamemajishita Kikyou: Inuyasha Miyuki Shiba: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Sakura Card: Sakura Card Captros My facebook page:
  • JF
    害羞 膽小 人好 blush timid ice 謝謝你喜歡我^w^ thank you like me(? PLURK: Face book粉絲頁:
  • South Korea
    hello I'm korea costume player 안녕하세요 코스튬플레이어 남선입니다 잘부탁 드립니다 welcome to my blog 대화 매우 환영합니다// 블로그나 트위터에서 뵈요// twitter : @skrnfkfzz my facebook :
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
    Hello... I'm cosplayer from Indonesia...I'm newbie here coz it's like 1 years ago that I became a cosplayer.... i really like FF games and Disney's Princess....and it's my dream to cosplay all of FF Dissidia character and Disney's i hope i can do it...hehehhehe....:DD so nice too meet you all...>////<....
  • Rae
    嘿!我是Rachel,縮寫Rae。 是個實實在在的潛水員。 英文一整個糟糕不過普通溝通還是懂一些,不過還是中文為主就是了。 喜好都是非常冷門經典的舊番之類。 感謝喜歡我的照片的大家,不過數量和質量都不會很多也是((艸 Hi, I'm Rachel , short form : Rae. I'm not well in English but all the while I can understand. Thanks for who CLICK IN and like my photo. My page not so much quantity and quality photo, but I'll try my best in my every cos. Wish u guys enjoy ya~!
  • Viet Nam
    Hello Everyone , our name are Shadowx and Katt D.O.B : Shadowx :1st ,February ,1999 Katt : 26th , January , 2000 Height: Shadowx :158cm Katt : 160cm Gender : Female Hobies : Draw some pictures ,cosplay , dance,always smile :)) Our Facebook : +Katt : +Shadowx : Shadowx's cure ID : We are new cosplayers . Please,teach us more , thank you everyone ^^
  • Turkey
    Hello everyone, Kitai is here! I've been cosplaying since 2011 October. Yes, I'm pretty new to cosplay, but my motto is to "level up with each cosplay". So I hope that you guys like my cosplays. I'll continue posting my work here ^^. I have both deviantart and tumblr, but I'm yet to start using them. My facebook page is:
  • Ecuador
    Hello! I´m Annie Chan from Ecuador n_-. Im a cosplayer, cosmaker, propmaker and world domination aspirant 8D. This is my dA My blog My Fan Page on FB