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kirigaya kazuto (Jet Lim)
  • China
    こんにちは 中国からのShizuruです 今、ラブライブにめちゃくちゃ夢中になっています。 進撃のエレン君大好き! どうぞよろしくお願いします❤ Hi,nice to meet u~ I am Shizuru from China. 你好w 我是Shizuru 最近正热衷于LOVELIVE不可自拔www 最喜欢进击的巨人惹!! 日本語/English/中文
  • Japan
    Hi, i'm haruka desu nice to meet you 你好,我是遥desu owo 请多多指教哦 qwqqq こんにちは、私は遥です XD 안녕하세요, 저는 하루카 입니다
  • Malaysia
    =) Smile is always welcome new hope on future. =( Angry is always become older then previous look. T.T Cry is always ugly no matter where u stay. =.= Bored is always do the things become meaningless. hope everyone able to smile everyday and welcome your hopes from future... <3
  • Malaysia
    I am 夕月(yukiko) Nice to meet you Konichiwa ,watashiwa yukiko des Yoroshiku My English is not well but want to speak English is OK
  • Indonesia
    hello im mizelesta ziki william from Reverse art i very love photograf and cosplay but im more intresting in photo graf for a photograph i just started on 2014 gundamu sukii <3 super robo sukii <3 love live nai </3 ty for like my photo yoroshiku daaaaa lets start your engine saste HIKARI NI NAREEE twitter:@moriyama_ren Line:mizelestabrando
  • Malaysia
    Someone who loves to capture Cosplay Photos !! :D
  • Malaysia
    Dawnburi from Malaysia, Yoroshiku! >w<)/ facebook:
  • China
    Hello. Thank you for coming to my page.I'm Zhang Sanfeng,and I’m 14 years old. I'm a Chinese cosplayer. 最近真是越来越忙了orz,cos会减少呢。。不过一如既往地爱着二次元√ 半次元: 新浪微博:
  • Dn
    South Korea
    Hello, I cosplaying since 2012/7/23~ing! Nice me too! With Enjoy cosplay! 안녕하세요, 중부권 코겸사 딘입니다~코스는 2012년대부터 시작했구 아직 많이 미숙하지만 잘부탁드려요! Tiwter: @ncc02 Wouldcosplay: sugracode Kakaostory: sugracode Blog:
  • Malaysia
    Hi~im PrimoMark from Malaysia ~ yoroshiku 嗨~我是Primo Mark 来自 马来西亚~大家多多关照 ^^ 12/2014 stars cosplay , is newbie haha~XD 12/2014 才开始cosplay ,是一个喳喳的新手 哈哈~XD facebook:
  • Lou
    Hello! Nice to meet you ~ I'm from Vietnam but I live in France I've just started cosplaying :) I hope you'll like my work ^0^
  • Spain
    Hii! my nickname is Lucy. Barcelona (Spain) cosplayer & cosmaker wigmaker & plushmaker I really love animals specially cats <3 All Photos in my other accounts: fb page->!/lucydarkdreams?view=page Deviantart-> Instagram-> twitter-> I hope you like my cosplays and nice to meet you ^^
  • AKA
    歡迎同好交流^_^ 約外拍樂意配合~ . 2015 FB: plurk: YAM天空: 微博: CURE:
  • Malaysia
    Hi, i am Hayakawa Fuyumi, also can call me Mango(芒果), Cosplayer from Malaysia, Nice to meet you ≧◇≦
  • Indonesia
    Visit in Facebook
  • Malaysia
    Hi nice to meet you Im a new cosplayer and just start playing =) 大家好, 我乃新人一枚才刚开始玩cosplay,多多指教! =)