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Unjust Angel (Unjust Angel)
Saudi Arabia
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  • Rai
    :LOVE♡: Utapuri LOVELIVE VOCALOID :Blog :Cure :Archive :Twitter @raimasaki :Photo blog :Mikaze Ai photo album
  • Indonesia
    Hello! I'm Yukitora Keiji. I'm Indonesian Cosplayer,Model&designer I made all my costume myself. Thank You for visit~ ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ ■Other Sites ★Website: ★Blog: ★Facebook Page: ~Cosplay Guest for Tokyo Game Show Cosplay Collection Night presented by Cure 2014 ~Brand Ambassador for Qeon Interactive Game Weapons of Mythology 2014 ~Brand Ambassador for Istana Boneka Indonesia 2014
  • Italy
    Info: italian (n00b) cosplayer & comic artist. Yay! (?) ◆Other RANDOM Accounts: .Deviantart:
  • Japan
    My name is rikyou. I live in Japan. Sorry,I cannot speak English twitter* cure* archive*
  • South Korea
    Hello! My nickname is Hong! Korean cosplayer. Blog:
  • South Korea
    Blog : Facebook :!/kimdodokej I Like* Pink,Doll,Beaty,fashion I Like Ani* Chobits,Inuyasha,Ranma½,Love Live League Of Legends, onepiece
  • Taiwan
    here is tsubaki! thanx for coming :))) album: plurk:
  • Peru
    Nice to meet you :3 My name is María de los Angeles but my nick is Myotsuki :3. I love cosplaying in my free times, hope you like my work! * 100% peruvian cosplayer. * Visit my blog: * My FB cosplay page:
  • Russia
    Hello, my name is Amio. 19. Russia. My favorite fandoms: ♥Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! ♥Trinity blood ♥Sailor moon ♥Magi I hope you like my cosplays! More photos you can find here: or there love ya!
  • Indonesia
    DEVIANTART: Twitter: FANPAGE: weibo: @recchinon BLOG: email: Cure No. 237977 --LOVE UTAPRI!! --LEVI x HANJI --BLEACH --KUROBASU --ARASHI x KANJANI 8 --DIABOLIK LOVERS I loveeeeee to see Utapri and SnK cosplay photos, I automatically clicked "like" on those photos ♥♥♥♥
  • Japan
    twitter:ahanechan ブログ cure 亜羽音(あはね)です!自由気ままにコスプレイ♪  FF、ガンダムSEED、ダンガンロンパ、ギルティクラウン、クレイモア、進撃の巨人、 好きな方は友達になってください!宜しくお願いします☆
  • France
    Hey ! I'm cosplayer since 2009. I follow Art studies to become a character designer :) Find all my costumes, movies and more here:!/pages/Koni-Cosplay/209276965806363
  • South Korea
    반갑습니다. 카야티입니다~ 잘 부탁드립니다! どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 I am kayaty. I am pleased to meet you. BLOG :
  • Australia
    新浪微博在这边--- ---Sina Weibo
  • Japan
    大阪で活動中の「歌姫のんの」です! ボカロ、マクロス、FF、青エク、ゾンゼロ、黒執事、銀魂、戦国が特に好きです。 cure:33008 アーカイブ:201263 Hello! :> I'd like to see much special cosplay! Thanks for your coming. love:VOCALOID,MACROSS,FINAL FANTASY,TIGER & BUNNY,ZONE-00 cure:33008 archive:201263