baddrumstick (Robin Ray)
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    I hope you'll love my works!:) You can also see my pages here: Youtube - Facebook - Instagram - BCY - VK -
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    Hi,everyone♡ I am SHERMAN from HongKong.(≧ω≦) All the costume are made by myself. I'm glad to share my works with you, hope you like it!!!! (*'∀'人)♥*+ My workshop My cosplay team ☆衣裝自作派☆ +正太蘿莉控+ +蘿莉—>御姐。轉型中+(⊙o⊙)
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    ● Vocalist ● Prose and Lyrics Author ● Photographer ● Linguist ● Cosplayer ● from tragedy to comedy in one second ● _________________________________________________ DeviantART ● CosCom ● Youtube ● Instagram ●
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    Artist // Photographer // Cosplayer // Kentarou Miura's BERSERK Fan // DIR EN GREY Fan In cosplay since 2009. _______________________________________________ DeviantART ● CosCom ● Instagram ● Facebook ● Youtube ● ●
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    Cosplayeuse depuis 2010, je me suis concrètement lancée dans l'aventure cosplay à l'automne 2012 ! Je me considère encore comme débutante mais je ne demande qu'à progresser et améliorer mes costumes =) Cosplayer since 2010, I actually embarked on the adventure cosplay in autumn 2012! I still consider myself novice but I ask only progress and improve my costume =)
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    音楽『DIR EN GREY』『沢田研二』漫画・アニメ『ONE PIECE』映画・小説『Harry Potter』俳優『Alan Rickman』等…をこよなく愛するコスプレイヤー、李花幻 悪美人です。 日本の南の方でひっそりこっそりDIR EN GREY/ONE PIECE/Harry Potterを中心にやっています。 男装ばっかりですがどうぞよろしくお願い致します。 -音楽イベント・ライヴ参戦予定- ・DIR EN GREY『輪郭』インストアイベント  11月5日 タワーレコード福岡店 ・DIR EN GREY TOUR 2012 IN SITU  11月6日 Zepp Fukuoka
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    guitarist, cosplayer Siberia DeviantART --
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    Cosplayer, Industial Designer, Bass-player [Siberia] Doing cosplay since 2010. Thanks for watching! ------------------- DeviantART: ID: Twitter: Instagram: