BlackPinkDoll (Michelle Ferrer)
El Salvador
Hi, as you can see,I'm a cosplayer from El Salvador. My name is Michelle Ferrer. I have loved anime since I was ten years old. My favorite ones are Kuroshitsuji and Card Captors Sakura. Other interests of mine are like Harry potter, Lord of the Rings, and art in general. Besides cosplaying, I also love to write music lyrics, poetry, novels, I love to draw and play the piano. Either way, I hope my cosplays are of your liking!!
  • WorldCosplay No.61171
  • NicknameBlackPinkDoll
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRepública de El Salvador
  • Nam Ryuu
  • Day
  • Marce
  • Ayakasch
  • JILL
  • Yuki
  • 睡神KAGUYA
  • Ryoko-demon
  • Kiefer Garcia
  • Andrew
  • KyonTyan
  • kodaka
  • DiazTK
  • Andykin Skywalker
  • Juns
  • ThanyTony
  • BhecthorADC
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  • makaru
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  • Ale Herrera
  • Sanosuke Afro