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    #'♥My Name Is •[DeeDee]• #'Nattawadee Jeamsripong I♥cosplay but I don'monny 5555+I'm kidding 555+ [I had a discussion with me.♥♥♥] facebook ♥♥♥ http://www.facebook.com/flower.deedee ♦♥♥♥♦
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    ~Cos List~ Vocaloid - Teto [Camellia Ver] Inu x Boku SS - Ririchiyo Inu x Boku SS - Roromiya Karuta Vocaloid luka - magnet butterfly jigoku shoujo - AI ENMA ciel - Circus ver marry - IB gama Vocaloid teto - anti the holic Vocaloid teto - Synchronicity Sankarea - Sanka Rea A-RISE - YUUKI ANJU
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    magara pinkomagane
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    My name is Nasty. I'm artist.
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    Hello! I am Aldeiphry! (My Deviantart account is aldeiphry.deviantart.com ) I love talking to people and making friends, so if you want to just send me a message on Deviantart art or you can even send a message to my email, shastereaiheap@gmail.com I am currently working on cosplays of Dead Master (From Black rock shooter) and Zagi (From Tales of Vesperia) I love the Tales of videogame series and I also love Final Fantasy.
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    Natsuki 41 (诗莹) My name is Eishi Chai. My Chinese name is 诗莹(Shi Ying). I very LIKE ANIME & COSPLAY!!! ■Facebook→ https://www.facebook.com/shiying.cai ■twitter→ https://twitter.com/kawazoenatsuki ■新浪微博→ http://weibo.com/eishikawazoe ■Instagram→ natsuki_41
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    http://hopper2.net/ https://instagram.com/ryonagasaki/ https://twitter.com/hopperborg2 Cosplay from Osaka JAPAN.
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    哈囉 我是秋葉 梨 請多指教^^ こんにちは 私は秋葉ナシです どうぞよろしくお願いします^^ Hello My name is Nashi Akiba Nice to meet you^^