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  • South Korea
    안녕하세요 방갑습니다. 꾸벅 모두 편안한하루보내세요 Blog:. 제가운영하는 나만의쉼터 Tistory초대신청은 방명록에 비밀글로E mail주소 남겨주세요 여기는 Daum과함께하는웹싸이트 한국어를아시는분 한국을사랑하시는분은Blog만드셔서 개인나라홍보 E 놀루오세요 모두환영합니다. KaKaO ID:tongcastbykid 폰이없습니다. 그러니KaKaO Story에 친구추가하신후 글,사진,영상,링크주소중1나선택하셔서 남겨주세요 개인이운영하시는 Blog&Hompy 추천하고싶은곳등 올려주세요 제 SNS친구추가시 주위사항: SNS친구추가하기전 자신의SNS에 사진,이미지올리신후 신청허가합니다. 그렇게하시지않으실경우 거절하겠습니다.
  • South Korea
    I lost my ID which nickname scew so I make new ID I'm 17 years old and I live in Busan I'm playing costume play about 1year nice to meet you Kakaostory ID:hiroco
  • Germany
    Hi I'm Ahiyuri. I am a Cosplayer from Germany :D I am a Cosplayer since 2009 and I still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I hope you like my Cosplays :D For more Cosplays that I am planning, look at my Facebook page. I'm uploading as much as I can. My facebook page: Animexx:
  • Taiwan
    ☆中文☆ 大家好!我是胡桃芽衣,可以直接叫我咩Mei。我非常熱愛ACG,所以開始嘗試Cosplay。雖然我的家人有反對,但還是堅持自己的夢想。 Cos齡【1年多】 是個小廢coser,請各位多多指教 ★English★ Hello everyone!I am Kurumi Mei,you can just call me MeiMei.I'm very love ACG,so I start to trying cosplay.Although my family opposition me,I adhere to my dream. Cos age【More than a year】 Just a poor coser,please exhibitions. ☆日本語☆ Please waiting! I haven't start learning Japanese.
  • Germany
    Hi~ I'm Saki~ Nice to meet ya~ If you have a question just ask me~:) My FB Page: Tumblr: DA:
  • Germany
    Hello there. I'm a cosplayer from germany (but born in Colorado / USA) Nice to meet you ♥ Find me on Facebook or Instagram (altough I'm not that active there...)
  • Germany
    I'm a Cosplayer from Germany and started in 2013. I like to create my own costumes and also to meet many new People around the World. Animexx:
  • France
    Cosplayer since 2009, I'm currently working with my team on many projects about our passions you can follow us and our activities on our page "KiBuCorp" on Facebook or just my work as a cosplayer on my Facebook page : PyrrhaCosplay
  • Germany
    Hello, I'm a German Cosplayer » Since the September 12, 2014 Animexx: Dream Facebook : DreamHime Cosplay
  • Indonesia
    Hi, I'm Hagane. you can call me Ardan for my real name :) Still new to the cosplay stuff. But I hope I can improve like other professional cosplayer
  • Pakistan
  • Taiwan
    ❥Hello~ I am Akame! Akame is Taiwan COSPLAYER! Akame is very love Animax and COSPLAY! ❥抖M少女赤瞳Akame!叫我瞳瞳或是Akame就好了! 我是臺灣中部COSER! 本命是♥艾連•葉卡and金木研♥/// 副命是♥黑瀨陸and城谷忠臣♥/// 超喜歡動漫的唷~ \(●ω●)/♥ ❥瞳瞳喜歡交朋友哦~希望可以和大家交流! \(●ω●)ノ♥ ❥Akame is from Taiwan, please enlighten. ● ω ● ❥Akame赤瞳 ♥Facebook♥ ♥E-mail♥
  • United Kingdom
    Beginner cosplayer/prop maker. Currently working on an MK3 Cyrax costume.
  • Japan
    My name is Mnit ミントです 日本でコスプレをやってます 薄桜鬼、セーラームーンあたりが好きです 【出来るコスプレ】 薄桜鬼 雪村 千鶴(和装)、風間 千景(和装)、藤堂 平助(洋装) 美少女戦士セーラームーン 土萠 ほたる(セーラーサターン) うたのプリンスさまっ 美風 藍(Debut AS私服 歌謡衣装)、七海 春歌(冬制服 Debut) 一十木 音也(冬制服) 魔法少女まどかマギカ 鹿目 まどか(魔法少女)、美樹 さやか(魔法少女)、巴 マミ(魔法少女) マクロスF ランカ・リー(双子座) カードキャプターさくら 木之本 桜(OP衣装) 男ですが女性キャラのコスプレをやっております 仲良くしてくれる方がいましたら嬉しい限りです♪ コスプレイヤーズアーカイブもやっております こちらの方からも大歓迎です♪ よろしくお願いします
  • Sky
    hi, i'm Sasha Sky, an Belgian cosplayer since 2011, my favorites cosplayers are Kaname, Reika, Yosuke Sora, HyungKei, HLK and Reito Neo i'm an absolut D.Gray-Man's fan Facebook page "Sasha Sky Cosplay": Facebook page groupe: You tube channel: please take a look and like <3
  • Vu
    hi everybody ! I'm Minh Luan, I am 23 years old and Vietnamese origin, I live in France and I am photographer / hairdresser. I practice cosplay since 2003, I love video games and I like final fantasy