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aina (aina)
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  • Germany
    私の名前はサンチです。ドイツのコスプレヤです。プロファイル見ることありがとうございます。 Hi, my name is San-chi and I'm a Cosplayer from germany. Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope you enjoy my work. For more visit me at: Facebook | Twitter | Animexx | San-chi
  • Taiwan
    請各位多多指教ˊ ˇ ˋ みなさん、こんにちは 私は台湾のコスプレイヤーです よろしく~~ Hello~ I am a Taiwanese cosplayer . Nice to meet you . yam: plurk: FB:
  • Thailand
    Hi!,I'm Mikai.Nice To meet you! はじめまして、私はミカイです。 どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
    Anime Lover 😍
  • Malaysia
    Hi- chappie *Kidrou* (~0~) A self-paced cosplayer who never wants to stop learning. Cosing is fun~ who don't like to roleplay? i like Roleplay Happy to meet you Guys~ Deviantart :Kidrou Facebook : Carrot Lidd Chappie
  • Taiwan
  • Canada
    Hello~ Casual cosplayer Based in Vancouver, BC
  • Taiwan
  • LVY
  • China
    Hello, I am from China's coser Celina(空梓) My English is not good so using a translator 看这个主页的你们好,这里是Celina 也可以叫我空梓,cn是空梓 是个痴汉力很强的人,性格很烂但是想被人勾搭 感谢关注w Weibo: Lofter:
  • Thailand
    Hello ! Thank you for My name is Nype Nice to meet you. Σ(´д`;) Facebookpage Twitter @monfah_natavipa
  • Taiwan
    日安,這裡是纓芊/阿臥,稱呼請隨意:)) 台灣產← 出角龜速,網王、黑籃一直線。 歡迎交流 <3 Plurk: FB:
  • Hong Kong
    Hi! My name is Yuka and a cosplayer from HongKong. Thank you for viewing my page, nice to meet all of you! Blog: Weibo: plurk: IG:
  • France
    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. I'm Ann, 25, from Canada actually living near Paris. I really love Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, One Piece and Nanatsu no taizai~ I cosplay since 2013 and I hope you'll like my works! Here my facebook page: (I try to translate my french to english but sometimes I forget >o< Sorry) Thank you <3
  • Malaysia
    A newbie in cosplay and an anime enthusiast. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!