Gio Micarelli (Sian)
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    Mi amor el Anime Mi pasion el Coplay Mi razon de vivir mi hijo :D Adoro poder hacer cosplay junto ami hijo :D Perfil de Pagina del Face Ebay Prints DeviantART Cure World Cosplay
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    Hi, my nickname is Yukira and I´m from Chile :D I hope you enjoy my photos, I really love cosplay. Bye! <3
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    見た目凶悪、中身ネタまみれなご老体レイヤー ただの悪役好きです(笑) 80/90年代作品多めに男装してま す。 ※育児優先の為、現在コスプレ休活中 Cure★46226 mixi★ pl?id=6546638 フォロー歓迎です! \(^ o^)/
  • Russia
    Hello, I'm from Russia. I'm trying to do my best in cosplaying characters, all my costumes I make by myself ^^ Hope, you'll enjoy my works. Feel free to write me! ★ ★ You can support my works ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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    Hello everybody X3. My name is Alessia ( but Runa is better ù_ù) from Italy <3 and I 'm cosplayer since 2009 .Besides that I study neuroethology at university, I love graphic, videogames,anime,manga ...and books. Nice to meet you all <3 My site : My DA : :
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    twitter:: @viang_ kakaostory:: banabananim
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    Hi, my name is stefano loardi, i'm 19 years old and i'm from italy. I hope you like my cospay! Facebook: See ya.. BB
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    Next Cosplay : SandBarioth Blademaster Isaac from Log Horizon Lon'qu from FEA Gallantmon from DigimonTamers Mosgharl X MonsterHunter Dream Cosplay.... Tyrael from Diablo series
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    I'm an italian cosplayer from 2003
  • Italy
    Hello everyone :D My name is Erika and I'm from Italy. I am a cosplayer, patternmaker and a bit of a seamstress too! If you like my work you can follow me on FB too <3 (Ppssst: I will be taking commissions from June!)
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    Hi guys! I want to thank you for being here and visiting my page (-^ w ^-) I'm a cosplayer since 2008 and thanks to cosplay I've met a lot of friends. I made most of my costumes, weapons and accessories. I hope to improve more and more. Bye~ You can follow me on DeviantArt: Instagram: cinnamon.honey Facebook: Youtube:
  • Mexico
    HELLO, my name is Butler Faustus, I’m a cosplayer from Mexico BC. I’m 7 years in the cosplay designs, actor and model, the only thing I could say is I hope to become one of the best cosplayers. HOLA, mi nombre es Batora Faustus, soy un cosplayer de Mexico BC. Llevo 7 años en ser un actor y modelo, espero convertirme en uno de los mejores.
  • RED
    Troooollloollool...ehm ehm Hello Everyone, well, I am a timeless, studying architecture and love charlie the unicorn -. -''. My hobby is cosplay, like your supposed -. -'' 'Holy cosplayXD Thanks to it I have met so many people and now I look around ... WOW a world of cosplayXD but how many good cosplayers there are here .... and I feel ashamed now >. < sorry for my bad english, really sorry My DA (i put here everything, not only cosplay, but don't be afridXD)