Toshi (Toshi Kuuga)
  • Ulv
    Entrepreneur, digital marketeer, gamer, geek, cosplay enthusiast and part of ORI COSPLAY from Serbia. Patreon exclusive: Snapchat: boyan.ulv KIK: boyan.ulv Cosplays: Bucky Barnes (Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Civil War) Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)
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    hi I´m beginner cosplayer.
  • Argentina
    I'm Ruki from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Facebook Profile: Facebook Fan Page: Twitter: DeviantArt:
  • Brazil
    Since 2013
  • Brazil
    Fotoxis - Foco na Diversão Site : Fanpage : Instagram :
  • Brazil
    Oi, Eu sou Anderson Silva, sou do Brasil. Sou cosplayer desde 2013 e aqui compartilho com vocês as fotos dos cosplays que faço, espero que gostem! Hi, I'm Anderson Silva, I'm from Brazil. I'm a cosplayer since 2013 and here Ishare with you the pictures of the cosplays I do, I hope you enjoy! Facebook page
  • Chile
    Hello! I'm a chilean cosplayer, i started in 2012, and i fall in love with cosplay! Now i'm working in new costumes, so wait for them here or en facebook Fanpage:
  • China
    Hello!❤️This is a Chinese coser. Thank you for your encouragement. I will do my best to cos every role. 😷泥嚎 👤【搬运工一只,所有作品权归小柔SeeU所有 这里并不是本人🌸授权转载】希望大家多多支持小柔🙌🏻 Weibo blog;
  • Malaysia
    Facebook: deviantart: Rozen Hamanasu Home: Malaysia, Selangor, Sungai Buloh
  • Brazil
    "They put a knife in my back,shot an arrow in me,tell me are you the ghost of jealousy" -Ghosts (Michael Jackson) I'm Ane Caroline,17 years old Spoke Portuguese (brazilian),English and Spanish. Page on Facebook: Twitter: @Lady_Menstruada Tumblr: SocialSpirit:
  • Japan
    *⑅︎୨୧┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎୨୧⑅︎* Nice to meet you. I'm hayu in Japanese cosplayer. Please call me hayu♡ I hope you like my cosplay Photos! Feel free to follow and comment:) Thank you for reading a profile. «like» Attack on titan Tokyo Ghoul Black Butler Free! *⑅︎୨୧┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎┈︎୨୧⑅︎*
  • Malaysia
    I am just a cheesecake that love cosplays! :D Pls don't eat me D:
  • Italy
    Hi ^--^ My name is Marzia, I have 23 years and I love do cosplay. My favorite character is Harley by Batman, but I like do cosplay of manga and anime :) Ehi I have a facebook page :D Follow me <3 Bye-Bye ^^
  • Japan
    こんにちは、南極水鳥といいます。 日本の青森で活動しています。 まだまだコスプレ初心者ですが、よろしくお願いします! ◎現在可能なコスプレ デュエルチェイサー227(遊戯王ARC-V) イヤミ(おそ松さん) 春の運び屋さん(ふらいんぐうぃっち)
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