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    Hi, I'm GILKA. Costume play a beginner. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Not good at English and Japanese. Use a translation.
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    这里是一只伪装成咖啡豆的喵XDDD(什么鬼 主要是记录自己的成长,希望能生产出自己最满意的一面www 【FB】 【推特】 【Intagram】
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    Soy cosplayer Mexicana, amo el cosplay, no lo hago por concursos, solo es diversión me apasiona hacerlo con mis amigos me divierto bastante haciéndolo y pues bien espero alguno de ellos les agrade como a mi *u* I am Mexican Cosplayer, love cosplay, I do not for competitions, it's just fun doing my passion with my friends I enjoy doing enough well and hope then some of them like it as me *u* Facebook:
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    Mexican Airsofter and future Cosplayer, Nice to meet you!! :D I really love Cosplay Instagram : @huronairsoft Twitter : @huronairsoft
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    Singaporean cosplayer Cosplay is just a hobby for me. I like to cosplay characters I love, not characters that are popular. They might be obscure characters, but somewhere out there, I just made a fan of the series really happy. 新加坡cosplayer 英语,华语和广东话都OKAY Facebook: I do not check or update my accounts on other platforms often, other than World Cosplay and my page.
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