Kuchiki Shelly (Imelda Fernandez)
United States
Bleach Kuchiki Byakuya "You guaranteed your defeat when you chose me as your target"

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  • WorldCosplay No.59146
  • NicknameKuchiki Shelly
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • Eugene
  • まき かずい
  • 迪Dei
  • 繭
  • iceemaker
  • Helg
  • Seiran Kisaragi 如月晴嵐
  • 熊熊
  • liberifatalis
  • 美歪
  • April_Fool
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  • Minorea
  • Cris
  • Eugene
  • Ruki Momoi
  • Joshua Axe
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