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    HI ^^ I'm Ruuna ^^ I'm 25 years old and I live in Czech Republic. I'm Japanese, Manga and Anime fan! ^^ I play TERA online ... ELIN!!! <3 FB page: WEB page:
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    Hi ! I just begin to do cosplay since 2 years and I discover this passion 3 years ago. I have been to Japan Expo, here in France and I find the community of cosplay just wonderful ! Support and compliment the work of cosplayer, be compliment of our own work, make ourself so proud. And I love to watch the ECG ! So amazing cosplayer there ! *.* Here you can find me on Facebook : or on Deviantart :
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    06/06/2016 New To world Cosplay! I have nothing else to say except for I Am a Cosplayer. I just want to fight! ;) Konichiwa ahahaha These are my other accounts ;D ⚡Instagram: ⚡Facebook: ⚡Deviantart: ⚡Youtube: Born in England, Live in Australia ;D
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    Hi, I'm RokusaCosplay. I'm a little cosplayer of Spain and I starter doing cosplay two years ago. I really love cosplaying Juvia Lockser, it's my favourite cosplay. But I cosplaying other characters. Thaks for visit my page or follow me. Twitter: @Inesdlvlle Instagram: Inesdlvlle Facebook:
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    Quem sou eu? A alegria de quem me ama, a tristeza de quem me odeia e a ocupação de quem me inveja! ''Brinks'' Eu sou Dhieison! prazer \o tenho 24 anos...e sou do brasil e amo cosplays,animes,e etc....enfim um fã de anime =D e isso e tudo ^.^
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    CN: 火火 Facebook Page Novas: IG: kaka___f 這裏是火火 香港coser 請多多指教♥ww♥
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    👽🌸 J E N N Y 🌸👽 ☆Italian cosplayer ☆ durarara obsessed ☆ Facebook 🌸 🌸 Deviantart 🌸 🌸 Youtube 🌸 🌸
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