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  • Japan
    I'm Miku. My twitter ID→blutlachexx I can speak English and Japanese,so please talk to me freely. I live in Japan now and cosplay in Japan. Now,I am crazy about the anime,"Kuroko no basuke",especially Shutoku high school and Seirin high school. These days, I often cosplay Takao, and I want to cosplay Riko. If you are interested in me, please contact me :)
  • Austria
    Hey :) Pls follow me on FB ^^
  • Japan
    関西中心に男装メインで活動しております。 黒バス、Free!、ハイキュー等スポーツものが多めです。
  • Germany
    Hello there ^^ My name is Mario. I am a male cosplayer of the South-East of Germany, called Bavaria. Maybe you know this region of its Oktoberfest in Munich and its well known beer, or the castle Neuschwanstein ;) Here i want to share some outstanding pictures of me and some cosplay partners of mine. Feel free to share and follow my activities, tutorials and feed on: and
  • Austria
    ♥ FB page Deviantart Blog Tumblr
  • Japan
    関西でもそもそやっております。 archive:
  • Taiwan
    スカイ廃 ┌(^q^ ┐)┐=33    Tiger&Bunny一直線!!! --- 【ASK】agan32 【Cosp】id=352321 【Plurk】takeshi_327 【Twitter】agan032 【Facebook】coserRGAN
  • Japan
    Hello:)My name is Mizuki. I'm a Japanese cosplayer. I want to make friends not only Japanese but also foreigeners! Feel free to contact me:) Nice to meet you! Archive:66781 Cure:267054 Twitter:mizuki1776
  • YUE
    Hello!My name is YUE. I′m a Japanese cosplayer. Welcome. And thank you for looking at my page. My favorite genre is TIGER&BUNNY,APH and SENGOKU&SANGOKU MUSOU. I like taking a photograph. Much English is not proud, but please interchange with me if all right. 《他SNS系》 Cure: Archive: Cloud: BLOG:
  • Finland
    よ!エルッフィです!WCS2011(世界コスプレサミット)フィンランド代表チームの一名だよ. よろしく! コスプレの全部は自分で作る!日本語は三年間ストックホルム大学で勉強して、英語より日本語が好きだ。 背が高い(190cm)のでコスプレをするのは時々難しいの (>_>)" 日本の友達が作りたいので、FBとかツイッターで会おうぜ! ツイッター: I'm Elffi, a Finnish male cosplayer! I was in the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) Team Finland 2011! ENG/FI/JPN Facebook: Contact and booking:
  • Japan
    Hello. I'm coco. Nice to meet you. I'm Japanese cosplayer. Thank you for follow and favorite. I'm very glad. I love you! archive:43378 twitter:pikucoco I Love... *進撃の巨人(attack on titan) *鬼灯の冷徹(hoozukinoreitetsu) *黒子のバスケ(kurokonobasuke) *Lucky Dog1 *TIGER&BUNNY *純情ロマンチカ(jyunjou romantika) *世界一初恋(sekaiiti hatukoi) *薄桜鬼(hakuouki) *戦国BASARA(sengoku BASARA) *黒執事(kurosituji) *遙かなるときの中で3(harukanarutokinonakade3) *彩雲国物語(saiunkokumonogatari) etc...
  • Japan
    のんびりきままに活動中。宜しくお願いします:)) 한가로이활동중:D잘부탁합니다x)) ▼COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE ▼Twitter ▼BLOG
  • Japan
    女の子が多いです。 温かい目で見守ってください。 ******************************** There are many girls. Please watch by a warm eye. ★CURE ★worldcosplay ★アーカイブ ★ブログ ★AMPLE
  • Japan
  • Brazil
    Olá me chamo Toshi, muito prazer! Sou brasileiro e atualmente moro no Japão. Junto com um amigo, fizemos também a conta como Shadow Team. Nesse perfil quero expor também meus trabalhos ao longo de vários anos de aprendizado. Agradeço a atenção^^v 初めまして、トシです! 僕はブラジル人でも日本に住んでいます。 特撮ガ大好きです! よろしくお願いします! Facebook page