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    Hi, my name is CH I like Visual Rock I like COSPLAY よろしくお願いします Plurk:
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    Hey there fellow cosplayers and friends, If you enjoy my work you can find more at- - For My Joker cosplay - For all the other characters we work on - and for both my cosplay and art Thanks for checking me out! and If you like my pages on FB I shall return the favour :D
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    watashi wa aL Shinji desu!! YOROSHIKU!!!! I'm the newbie cosplayer guys.... :3
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    I'm S-Tanji Lyold from Thailand! Photographer and cosplay :P Nice to meet you XD Other site -[FLICKR] -[FACEBOOK] -[AMEBA] -[Cure] No.149855
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    Hello~ I'm Cosplayer form Thailand. My name is Zen. > < Thanks for visit me. Nice to meet every one. ดีจ้าาาาา ชื่อ เซน นะฮ้าบ แวะมาทกทายกันได้นะเออ~ Facebook : Twitter : >,<
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    I'am Shan Miao [善 妙] Nice 2 MeeT U alL. (^ω^)V + Contact + [Google Plus] [Blog] [deviantART] Cure No.192360 ID 216691 A picture in the album or in whole without permission is prohibited. ห้ามนำรูปของเราไปใช้ก่อนขออนุญาต และได้รับอนุญาตจากเรานะคะ ขอบคุณค่่ะ
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    Yo!! i'M Lann , Call Me Meto Chan ~ Cosplayer From Indonesia \ooo ^o^/ FB : Twitter : About Me <3 ✡ I love him "Meto" (he is Drummer MEJIBRAY -Band Visual kei JAPAN) ✡ i'm Dreammer . LOL I love all the about are related to fables, D.O.D, Rock band, heavy metal, black metal, I love music,gothic extream , I love reading, I love singing and dancing. and I like something that is related to ART.
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    Cosplay name :: Onihime
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    部落格: Plurk: Twitter: FB:
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    Bass-guitarist, cosplayer, artist, designer DeviantART: ID: Cure: No. 287693 Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: