syosuke (Syosuke)
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    Ei~ Trying to build this profile up. For now follow me at Flickr: DevArt: Soon IG: Soon as well
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    みんなさん~こばは!! こちらはNARUTOなどしてます~ 私は伏見葉月です..はちめましで とうぞ宜しくおねがいします~喵! FB: 伏見葉月 粉專: S. x タクミ x Cosplayer 1.0 希望大家多多支持與指導((鞠躬>//////<" 本年も同様にお付き合いくださいますよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます^~< お互いに今年もがんばろう....
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    Hi, I'm Haraki. My hobby is cosplay and write fanfic. Yoroshiku Email: fp:
  • Viet Nam
    Hi! I'm Yumime. I'm from Vietnam I love Cosplay, Manga and Anime <3 Hope you like my photos :3 Follow me <3 Facebook: Instagram:
  • Indonesia
    HALLO WORLD iam new cosplayer not famous but thats my dream to iam like action anime my spesial attack is "MAYO ROKET PUNCH" and lets hafe fun with COSPLAY
  • China
    【禁止任何形式的轉載】 CN:卡卡prancil Hi! I'm KAKA_prancil of chinese cosplayer. 刚刚开始玩WC,关注感谢 WeiBo LOFTER CURE-534720 喜歡的作品 NARUTO | CLAMP| 战国basara| JOJO | 彈丸 | 东方project|虚渊玄 HUNTERxHUNTER 歡迎同好交流 以上
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    Hello!, my name is KoCH, nice to meet you!, I am a mexican.
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm Kao Leen. :) ✖ Facebook page:
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    Hello, I'm Jorge Lameu! Make Cosplay for me is something very important and I am very happy to represent these remarkable characters in our lives. Long live the art Cosplay, we are too much!
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